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卓纬正式加入Alliott Group 国际化发展迈上新台阶

日期:2020-05-21 18:50:39

5月19日,世界第六大专业服务类跨行业联盟Alliott Group全球Executive Office Update主题研讨会于线上召开,会议宣布,卓纬作为中国境内第一家律师事务所成员正式加入Alliott Group。加入Alliott Group,标志着卓纬国际化发展迈上新台阶。

Alliott Group成立于1979年,是一家由世界各地领先的会计师事务所、税务事务所及律师事务所组成的专业机构合作联盟。该联盟在全球70个国家/地区拥有170余家成员机构,成员覆盖欧洲、大洋洲、东盟地区、非洲、亚太地区等区域,业务范围涉及法律服务、审计、税务、会计、管理咨询等多个方面。联盟成员之间联系紧密、协同合作,共享跨境资源和业务机会,为客户在全球范围内提供全方位、高品质的专业服务。

卓纬管理合伙人朱宁律师表示:卓纬非常荣幸能成为Alliot Group在中国的第一家律所成员。加入Alliott Group,为卓纬与海外领先的律师事务所和会计师事务所进行更紧密的合作提供了最佳途径。Alliott Group可以为卓纬的本地和国际客户提供更为专业的跨境法律服务支持,卓纬也期待着未来能够支持Alliott Group成员在中国开展业务。

Alliott Group亚太地区主席Vanesssa Williams表示:With the appointment of Chance Bridge Partners, we continue to make good progress with our membership development across the APAC region. We are focused on expanding across the Asia Pacific, to build a network of law, accounting and specialist services firms that will collaborate to drive cross border business, while ensuring high levels of client service. Chance Bridge Partners have relationships with many professional organisations and associations within and outside of China that may prove invaluable in our search.

Alliott Group首席运营官Giles Brake表示:It was clear from meeting Ning and her team in Beijing that Chance Bridge Partners is a firm to watch. They distinguish themselves through a firm culture defined by teamwork, initiative, innovation and commitment to their clients, values that are clearly aligned with ours. Our members’ clients around the world need a responsive, reliable and efficient legal services partner in China – I am delighted that we have found the perfect fit in Chance Bridge Partners and look forward to forming a powerful relationship in the years ahead.