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Capital Markets
As a law firm specializing in providing corporate, commercial and financial legal services, based on abundant lawsuit experience and outstanding performance, Chance Bridge is recognized as a leading law firm in the capital markets. Our lawyers have rich experience in many fields including stock, bond, merger and acquisition, structured finance, securitization and financial derivatives. Chance Bridge is particularly experienced in providing specific solutions according to clients, industrial characteristics, business models and actual needs, and assisting clients to complete transactions accurately and efficiently.

The legal services we provide include:

    • (1) Restructuring, Reorganization and Private Placement before Listing

        • Conducting due diligence on the enterprise and discovering any possible legal issue of the enterprise;
        • Assisting the enterprise to make reorganization plan;
        • Assisting the enterprise in implementing the restructuring scheme, injecting or stripping relevant assets;
        • Assisting the enterprise in formulating and implementing the restructuring scheme, and issuing the documents necessary for the restructuring;
        • Assisting the enterprise in conducting governmental filings or examinations and approvals in connection with the restructuring and reorganization;
        • Assisting in introducing investors, financing, and preparing relevant investment and financing documents.

    • (2) Initial public offerings and listings at home and abroad

        • The initial public offering and listing of stocks domestically;
        • The spin-off of a subsidiary by a listed company for domestic listing;
        • The spin-off of a subsidiary for overseas listing by the listed company;
        • Spin-off of domestic listing of subsidiaries by overseas listed companies;
        • Domestic and foreign backdoor listing;
        • The initial public offering and listing of shares overseas.

    • (3) Refinancing of listed companies

        • The public offering of new shares by the listed company;
        • Non-public issuance of new shares by the listed company;
        • Allotment of shares to listed companies;
        • The issuance of bonds by the listed company;
        • Issuance of convertible bonds by the listed companies;
        • Issuance of depository receipts by the listed companies.

    • (4) Acquisition, Backdoor and Resumption of Listing of Listed Companies

        • Acquisition and tender offer of the listed companies;
        • Replacement of the assets of the listed company;
        • Reverse takeover;
        • Delisting and resumption of listing of the listed company.

    • (5) Material Assets Reorganization of Listed Companies

        • Selection of restructuring targets and due diligence;
        • Restructuring transaction structure design;
        • Restructuring transaction negotiation and document drafting;
        • Anti-monopoly and undertaking concentration investigations related to the restructuring.

    • (6) Governance of listed companies, ongoing information disclosure

        • Perennial legal advising services of listed companies, including information disclosure consultation,consultation on procedures for convening of general meeting of stockholders, board of directors and board of supervisors, and consultation on the appointment and dismissal of independent directors;
        • Design and specification of the governance structure of listed companies;
        • Assisting the listed company in dealing with compliance matters on information disclosure;
        • Compliance advice on market value management of listed companies.

    • (7) Merger, Division and Share Repurchase of Listed Companies

        • Merger and division of a listed company;
        • Share repurchase of listed companies;
        • Major shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior management of listed companies reduce their holdings.

    • (8) Equity Incentive Plans and Employee Stock Ownership Plans

        • Design and implementation of equity incentive plan of a limited company;
        • The equity incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan of the company to be listed;
        • Listed companies, equity incentive plans and employee stock ownership plans.

    • (9) Issuance and Listing, Refinancing and Restructuring of the New OTC Market

        • Listing after restructuring or shareholding reform of the domestic company;
        • Private placement of shares by the company of the New OTC Market;
        • Acquisition and major asset restructuring of the company of the New OTC Market;
        • Delisting of the New OTC Market.

    • (10) Investment and financing, merger and acquisition, and reorganization of non-listed companies

        • Due diligence and design of financing structure, including the establishment of project company and realization of assets closing;
        • Tax issues, including tax incentive policy consultation;
        • Foreign exchange control, including the management of capital flows;
        • Examination, approval, registration and coordination of governmental organizations;
        • Assisting in introducing investors, financing and preparing relevant investment and financing documents.

    • (11) Financial institutions and funds

        • M&A and restructuring of commercial banks, securities companies, publicly offered funds, trust institutions and other financial institutions;
        • Consultation on the compliance of products and business of financial institutions;
        • Non-performing asset business;
        • Establishment and record-filing of private funds;
        • Various investment businesses of the private funds.

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