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MOFCOM Formulates and Issues "Internet + Circulation" Action Plan

Date:2020-05-11 19:43:23

The Ministry of Commerce ("MOFCOM") has recently formulated and issued the "Internet + Circulation" Action Plan (the "Action Plan").  The purpose of the plan is to promote the circulation industry transformation and upgrading, release the vitality of the industry and stimulate the consumption potential.

The main tasks of the Action Plan are to cultivate E-commerce environment in rural areas, promote the application of E-commerce in communities of large and medium cities, accelerate the healthy development of E-commerce in small and medium cities, promote the online and off line interaction in life service industry, expand the oversea market of E- commerce and enhance E-commerce enterprises’ ability of globalization management

To accomplish the above tasks, the MOFCOM will:

1.    Formulate policy documents for developing of the intelligent circulation, track and research hot issues of E-commerce;

2.    Further improve the infrastructure of E-commerce;

3.    Accelerate the collaborative development of express logistics and E-commerce;

4.    Promote the construction of big data of commerce, strengthen the construction of E- commerce monitoring system;

Strengthen the crackdown on infringement and fake selling problem.
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