Kevin Fan


Professional field

Antitrust & Competition Laws, Intellectual Property Rights, Data Compliance

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  • Practice Areas and Experience

    Mr. Fan provides professional services to many well-known clients in the fields of anti-monopoly, patents, trademarks, copyrights, new varieties of plants, geographical indications, data security, trade secrets and E-commerce. The clients served by Mr. Fan cover energy and chemical industry, agricultural biotechnology, information technology industry, banking, cultural and other industries, including Shell, Syngenta, Cat's Eye Entertainment, Bank of Switzerland, The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan and National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC. 

    Education Background

    •   Bachelor of Law, North China University of Technology
    •   Bachelor of Engineering, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    Work Experience

    •   In March 2005, he worked for Beijing An, Tian, Zhang & Partners and served as the executive partner of the department of Intellectual Property Protection. 
    •     In March 2019, Mr. Fan worked in Chance Bridge Partners as a partner in Anti-trust and Intellectual Property areas. 

    Representative Cases in Recent Two Years

    Antitrust and competition law
    •   In 2019, Mr. Fan represented a state-owned enterprise in a western province to declare the concentration of business operators with respect to an acquisition project;
    •   In 2019, Mr. Fan represented a pharmaceutical enterprise to provide legal services in the anti-monopoly investigations launched by the State Administration for Market Regulation;

    Intellectual Property Rights

    •   In 2019, the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC organized and hold an expert review meeting for objections to the application for the products protection with geographic indications in the European Union ("EU"), Mr. Fan was invited to be a member of the expert panel to review objections by countries such as the US and Australia to EU applications for the protection of geographical indications. 
    •   In 2019, acting as agent for a large domestic Internet entertainment enterprise in trademark authorization and confirmation cases, and helped this enterprise achieve the registration of its main trademark in the core service category for the first time. 
    •   In 2019, represented a domestic enterprise in providing special legal services for technology transfer involved in the joint investment in a dental orthodontics project in Bahrain with a Saudi enterprise;
    •   In 2018, represented a famous overseas Chinese enterprise in dealing with a case in which a domestic cooperative partner informed it of an amount involved in contract fraud exceeding 10 million yuan and was then placed on file for criminal investigation due to the malicious preemptive registration of its trademark by a third party. In the end, Mr. Fan helped the client to regain the trademark right at a small cost and successfully cope with the criminal investigation at the same time, protected the legitimate operations of client in the Chinese market from risks;
    In 2018, representing a Swiss enterprise of agricultural science and technology in handling PVP disputes, taking the lead in protecting cultivated seedlings through the Seed Law;
    •   In 2018, representing a multinational bank in dealing with the public event of "Recommended internships within the financial circle through payment " initiated by a famous person in Weibo. 
    •   In 2018, representing a Boy Scout Institution in handling administrative and litigation cases involving forged Boy Scout documents by a third party institution;
    •   Provided research and consultation services on national intellectual property systems for an intellectual property regulatory authority in European or America in 2018.

    Data Security

    •   In 2019, providing opinions on the legitimacy of client data management and data sharing for an automobile maintenance e-commerce platform enterprise. 
    •   In 2019, acting on behalf of an Internet entertainment company to provide legal advice on the legitimacy of the personal information-gathering capabilities of its products to demonstrate data compliance capabilities to third parties that it plans to work with. 

    Trade Secrets

    •   In 2019, acting as an agent for a 3D printing enterprise in the disclosure of trade secrets, formulating appropriate confidentiality system for the enterprise, and providing special legal services for the confidentiality training of the enterprise's management;
    •   In March 2019, providing services of confidentiality system design for a famous fresh food e-commerce platform and training for the IP department of the company;
    •   In 2019, reviewing effects of the implementation of the original non-competition system for a European company and redesigning measures aiming at avoiding liabilities for breach of contract by using a third-party shell company.

    E-Commerce Platform

    •   In 2019, providing legal advice to the development of a famous fresh E-commerce platform and the management of the E-commerce platform structure project;
    •   In 2018, providing Shell with research consulting services on Pinduoduo and other social E-commerce businesses.

    Perennial legal advisory services

    •   In 2019, providing perennial legal advisory services to a foreign chemical enterprise, including negotiations with HEDZ in connection with the proposal of the investment in new material projects and provision of whole-process legal services in connection with the construction of projects and other subsequent matters;
    •   In 2019, providing perennial legal advisory services to a cultural and creative enterprise, especially providing professional legal advice for its copyright licensing systems.

    Working Language

    Mandarin and English