Pu Wang


Professional field

Dispute Resolution, Criminal Defense, Internet Law

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  • Practice Areas and Experience

    Pu Wang has been working as a public prosecution prosecutor for many years at a public prosecution office of the Beijing People's Procuratorate. After working at a large law firm in Beijing and Tencent Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Mr. Wang has handled a large number of civil and commercial disputes and criminal cases, and accumulated legal experience in the Internet field. He is familiar with the legal services on enterprise criminal risk prevention, compliance, information data security and other aspects. He can provide legal consulting and issue legal analysis opinions from the perspective of an intersection of criminal and civil law for enterprise management, commercial activities, investment and financing, contract signing and other matters. 

    Education background

    •   Master of Renmin University of China
    •   Southwest University of Political Science and Law

    Work Experience

    •   He worked for Beijing People's Procuratorate since 2010 and has served as a clerk, assistant procurator or procurator of the Public Prosecution Office;
    •   Worked for a large law firm in Beijing and Tencent (Beijing) Co., Ltd. since 2016;
    •   Joined Chance Bridge Partners in 2018 and is now a senior partner. 

    Main treatise

    •   The Collection and Application of Electronic Evidence in Online Gambling Crimes Published in the 17th Evidence Forum Edition
    •   The Affirmation of the Acts of the Victim to Assist the Criminal Suspect in Escaping from Criminal Liability Issued by No. 645 People's Justice
    •   Reflections on the Theory and Practice of Judicial Accounting in Our Country, published in the 45th issue of Chengdu Public Prosecutor's Office
    •   Discussion on the Law of Tang Dynasty and the Crime of Taking Bribes in the Current Criminal Law was published in the 84th issue of Journal of Shanxi Political and Legal Management Cadres College. 
    •   Research on the Improvement of the Operating Mechanism and Procedures of the Constitution published in the 295th Law and Economy
    •   “How to Clarify the Difference between Government Procurement of Services, Government Payment, Government Procurement and PPP”

    Recent Cases

    Representative Service Cases
    •   PPP demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance, such as the PPP project for the integration of medical care and elderly care of Dongxian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine;
    •   Xinjiang Urumqi Old City Renovation PPP Project (with a total investment of 35 billion yuan);
    •   provided special legal services in the compulsory liquidation of the branch of Beijing Hongdu Group;
    •   provided special legal services Shandong Weihai dock preservation project;
    •   provided litigation and legal services for loan disputes and disputes over joint venture contracts for Beijing Yishang Group;
    •   provided legal opinions for Public institutions subordinate to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture shall cooperate on BOT projects;
    •   provided special legal services for investment promotion disputes between Jilin Songyuan Jiade Huidi Real Estate Development Company and the government of the Development Zone;
    •   provided special legal services for project disputes with construction units for Shanxi Yangquan Huazun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.;
    •   China Chemical Group, more than 1.5 billion yuan in arrears dispute resolution;
    •   provided legal services for bill disputes for China Construction City Construction and Development Co., Ltd.. 


    Perennial Legal Counsel Service
    •   Has successively provided daily or special legal services for China National Chemical Corporation, Beijing Yishang Group, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Beijing Hongdu Group, Jilin Songyuan Jiade Huidi Real Estate Development Company, Shanxi Yangquan Huazun Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and other enterprises. 

    Resolution of Civil and Commercial Disputes
    •   The dispute of the 100-mu land use right of a real estate company in Hainan heard by the Supreme People's Court on behalf of the Supreme People's Court was decided in favor of the plaintiff;
    •   On behalf of He X, he filed a civil protest with the Civil and Administrative Procuratorate Department of the Supreme People's Procuratorate;
    •   Represented a company in Haining, Zhejiang Province in a dispute over property damage compensation due to fire at the Mall and received full compensation of RMB28 million;
    •   Representing the client in housing rental contract disputes of Beijing XX Art Park;
    •   Acting as an agent in a dispute over exclusion of nuisance in a community of Chaoyang District, Beijing;
    •   provided legal services for Beijing Wood Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. and Beijing Construction Co., Ltd. on an agency basis involved in goods sales contract disputes;
    •   Represented Shanghai Changning District Court in the trial of the case of finance lease contract disputes, in which the defendant was one party, and the case was finally concluded as withdrawn by the plaintiff;
    •   Represent Chen X in filing a lawsuit concerning divorce, right of upbringing and property division. 

    Field of criminal defence
    •   The bail pending trial was successfully obtained and the suspended sentence was obtained for Yang X’s suspected illegal sale of invoices;
    •   Successfully handling the bail pending trial for Yan XX on suspicion of fraud;
    •   Successfully obtained a guarantor pending trial on suspicion of illegal absorption of deposits from the general public;
    •   Obtained a mitigated punishment for Zhao XX's defense for the crime of suspected acceptance of bribes, the crime of offering bribes, or the crime of duty embezzlement;
    •   The people's procuratorate successfully handled the bail pending trial for a case of Zhang XX suspected of negligently causing death. 

    Working Language

    Mandarin and English