Li Li


Professional field

Cross-border dispute resolution, Cross-border compliance

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  • Practice Areas and Experience

    Li Li focuses on cross-border dispute resolution and cross-border compliance, and has participated in the complex commercial litigation and international arbitration cases of large Chinese and foreign enterprises in Chinese courts, domestic arbitration institutions, foreign courts and international arbitration institutions on many occasions. Ms. Li also has extensive experience in cross-border compliance, particularly in relation to U.S. export controls and U.S. sanctions compliance. 

    Education background

    •   Ph. D of Law, Ren Min University Law School
    •   Visiting Scholar, Joint-Degree Program, Harvard Law School
    •   Master Degree of Law, Fu Dan University Law School
    •   LL.B, Ji Lin University Law School

    Work Experience

    Ms. Li joined Chance Bridge Partners in December 2018 as a partner of the Dispute Resolution Department. Before joining Chance Bridge Partners, she worked for the Beijing office of King & Wood for nearly seven years and for a District Court in Shanghai for more than three years. 

    Representative Projects

    •   Represented clients in filing BPEC arbitration cases on disputes over land use right transfers; 
    •   Acted for a large state enterprise in an arbitration case before the Singapore International Arbitration Centre in connection with EJV and IP disputes, with one party being a BVI Company;
    •   Represented a Chinese automobile manufacturing enterprise in an arbitration case of the Singapore International Arbitration Center concerning a dispute over a sales contract or insurance contract with a Syrian company;
    •   Represented a subsidiary of a large state-owned enterprise in an ICC arbitration case concerning disputes over the sale and purchase contract with a Singapore company;
    •   Acted for a Chinese big energy company against an Indonesian company in an ad hoc arbitration (located in Singapore) arising from the cooperative development contract dispute;
    •   Represented a Chinese company in ICC arbitration cases concerning Equity Transfer Disputes, with the other party being a Korean company;
    •   Represented a Chinese company in launching an AAA International Dispute Resolution Center arbitration case in relation to private equity fund investment dispute with an American company;
    •   Represented a multinational corporation in filing a series of CIETAC arbitration cases on finance lease contract disputes;
    •   Represented a New Zealand company in a CIETAC arbitration case concerning import/export contract disputes;
    •   Represented a large state-owned enterprise in filing the CIETAC arbitration case concerning the dispute on letter of credit; 
    •   Represented a Chinese company in filing the CIETAC arbitration cases on processing contract disputes, and Assisted clients in applying to Hong Kong courts for recognition and enforcement of wining awards;
    •   Represented a transnational company in filing the CIETAC arbitration cases on construction engineering disputes.

    •   Provided Chinese legal advice for a case before the British High Court;
    •   Acted for a well-known foreign university before the Chinese court;
    •   Acted for an international mobile phone manufacture before the Chinese courts in a series of cases involving the consumer rights protection;
    •   Acted for an international heavy equipment manufacture before the Chinese court for product liability dispute;
    •   Acted for a big Chinese publishing company before the Chinese court for copyright dispute.;
    •   Acted for a big Chinese photovoltaic company before a Chinese court for project construction dispute.
    •   Acted for a Chinese provider of smart technology before a federal court in the US for pirate accusation;
    •   Acted for a big state-owned company and its subsidiary before a federal court in the US for dealing with the Request for Rule B Relief;
    •   Acted for a big state-owned company before a federal court in the US for stealing trade secret accusation;
    •   Acted for a Chinese company before a federal court in the US for concession rights dispute;
    •   Acted for a big state-owned energy company before a bankruptcy court in the US for dealing with the supplier’s bankruptcy application;
    •   Acted for a Chinese commercial bank for searching its debtors’ property in foreign jurisdiction.
    •   Provided U. S. export control compliance services to a high- tech company;
    •   Provided compliance services related to U. S. export control to a well-known domestic university to help it remove from the U. S. Department of Commerce's uncertified list;
    •   Provided U. S. export control training to many state-owned companies;
    •   Provided compliance services for a large state-owned enterprise in connection with a potential transaction between such enterprise and a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company sanctioned by the United States;
    •   Advising a state owned industrial commercial bank on U.S. sanction matters;
    •   Provided compliance and risk prevention advice to a large state-owned commercial bank on the impact of United States sanctions on foreign financial institutions;
    •   Assisted a large transnational financial institution in responding to the investigation of the Hong Kong securities regulatory authority;
    •   Assisted a large oil company in its internal anti-corruption investigations (including the U.S. foreign corrupt practices investigation and the commercial bribery investigation under Chinese laws);
    •   Assisted a leading medical equipment enterprise in setting up a compliance system and crisis management mechanism, and carrying out surprise inspections of the government;
    •   Acted for a leading e-commerce company in an investigation by the Public Security Bureau relating to a potential violation of the Information Protection Act.


    •   In 2019, the publication of the "U. S. abolition of China's import quota of Iranian oil to Chinese enterprises caused serious compliance risk - Zhuhai Zhenrong and its legal representative sanctioned by the U. S. government "
    •   In 2019, published "The Cascading Effect of U. S. Subsidiary's Violation of U. S. Sanctions against Iran: A Review of the Case of Jiangsu's Guoqiang Being Punished by the U. S. Treasury"
    •   In 2019, published “Latest Developments in the US Prosecution of Huawei and Its Implications for Chinese Enterprises”
    •   In 2019, Millions of Dollars Fine Caused by Fake Eyelashes — New Trends in US Sanctions and Export Control Compliance
    •   In 2019, “Third Party Funding needed to Be Known by Chinese Enterprises in the Face of International Arbitration”
    •   In 2019, " What should you do if the debtor transfers his property abroad?"
    •   “Explanation and Application of Article V (1) (b) of New York Convention”, co-author, 2018.
    •   “Pending Issues in China's BITs”, Vol. 12, issue 1, January 2015 Transnational Dispute Management, 2015.
    •   “What’s next for Environmental Class-Action Litigation in China”, Hong Kong Lawyer, 2014, April.
    •   “Pollution Pays? The State of Environmental Class-Action Litigation in China”, the US Environmental Law Institute, China Update, 2014, January-March.
    •   “Are You Ready for Resolution of International Commercial Disputes?”, co-author, 2013.

    Working Language

    Mandarin, English