Honghao Zhang


Professional field

Dispute Resolution, Wealth Management, Insurance Law, Intellectual Property

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  • Field of practice and experience

    Honghao Zhang joined Chance Bridge in July 2019 as a partner in the Dispute Resolution Department. His practice areas include dispute resolution, wealth management, insurance law, and intellectual property. Prior to joining Chance Bridge, Mr. Zhang worked in a well-known law firm in China for many years in dispute resolution and worked as a legal expert in a large multinational insurance group. Mr. Zhang has sponsored and participated in a number of complex commercial litigation and arbitration cases. He is good at quickly entering the field of emerging technologies and regulations, making clear strategic analysis. Mr. Zhang has also provided private wealth management consulting services to a number of high net worth individuals. In addition, Honghao Zhang has participated in compliance investigations and criminal litigations Represented well-known multinational corporations, and has handled daily consulting and contract review affairs of large enterprises.

    Educational background

    •   Graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in 2012 with a master's degree in law
    •   Graduated from China University of Political Science and Law in 2009 with a bachelor's degree in law.

    Representative Projects

    Dispute Resolution, Compliance and Corporate affairs
    •   Represented a well-known real estate company in responding to large-scale housing quality claims, the final court decision completely adopted the defendant's agency opinions, and rejected all of the plaintiffs’ claims of more than100 million yuan; 
    •   Represented well-known foreign-funded coal equipment manufacturing enterprises in a number of construction projects, equipment sales contract litigations/arbitrations recovering engineering and equipment receivables amounting tens of millions of yuan;
    •   Represented an investment fund in an arbitration concerning repurchase claims under an investment agreement. The case involved ten respondents and focused on the conditions for the establishment of the rights of investors under complicated investment agreement; 
    •   Represented automobile manufacturers in a number of product liability disputes, involving the technical issues of automotive products and subtle distribution of burden of proof; 
    •   Represented a finance company belonging to a reputable auto group in dozens of auto consumer loan lawsuits;
    •   Participated in litigation arising from the Mainland investment case of a well-known Hong Kong real estate company, involving the application of Hong Kong law in the Mainland courts, the coordination of two parallel proceedings in both Mainland and Hong Kong, and the consolidation of a flood of Hong Kong legal opinions;
    •   As a member of the legal advisory team of the creditors' meeting, participated in the bankruptcy and reorganization project of a well-known foreign-invested shipbuilding company in China, reviewed a large number of shipbuilding contracts and comprehensively assessed its value in the restructuring;
    •   Participated litigations relating to the Japanese “Poisonous Dumpling Case”, carbon emission audit and transaction litigation under the former Kyoto Protocol, a well-known IP related copyright license contract dispute litigation, the formulation of the strategy for dealing with the potential false statements of well-known securities, and analysis of an unfair competition disputes for an Internet tycoon, etc.;
    •   As a member of the defense lawyer team, handling the economic criminal cases for a large multinational pharmaceutical company in China; 
    •   Participated in a number of well-known domestic and foreign companies' overall compliance assessment projects, interviewed employees at all levels, completed compliance risk analysis, issued assessment reports, and followed up on routine external compliance audits;
    •   Handled daily consultation and contract review of large-scale enterprises such as China's water conservancy and hydropower and Jiangsu nuclear power.

    Private Wealth Management
    During his tenure at a large multinational insurance company, Mr. Zhang was a legal expert in the high net worth business department, working with agency channels, bank channels (UBS, Citigroup, CITIC, and Pudong) and insurance broker channels to engage in private wealth management legal services for high net worth clients. Some of activities:
    •   High-net-worth clients salon: Designed a series of legal salons for high-net-worth clients, and served as a keynote speaker on subjects such as wealth inheritance, marriage, debt planning, debt risk, family trusts, etc. Widely acclaimed;
    •   Channel training: Conducting legal training related to high-net-worth insurance products and wealth management for high-end insurance agents, bank account managers, insurance brokers, etc., designing courses and personally teaching them, receiving wide acclaim and receiving enthusiastic follow-up invitations;
    •   High-net-worth client consultation: Appointment interviews with high-net-worth clients to solve their legal problems relating to private wealth planning issuing practical solutions involving stock transfer of major shareholders of listed companies, corporate and household debt risk planning, and inheritance of complex assets planning, family trust structure, etc.


    •   "Family Trust Registration: What to register? What rights are concerned?" 
    •   "How to distinguish between "interest not agreed" and "interest not clear"? 

    Working Language

    Mandarin, English