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​Chance Bridge helps Client win arbitration over a sales contract

Date:2020-05-08 16:32:02

Recently, China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ("CIETAC") issued an arbitration notice of sales contract, dispute no. M20160259 to Guangzhou Tech-Long Packing Machinery Co. Limited ("Tech-Long").  Acting on behalf of Tech-Long, Chance Bridge achieved an adjudication order in their favour.
The arbitration concerned a foreign sales contract dispute, where the claimant, a company incorporated and existing under the laws of an African country, took Tech-Long and a publicly listed company in Hong Kong, as respondent.  The claimant submitted an arbitration application for problems of installation commissioning and poor equipment quality to the CIETAC, requesting a replacement of all production line equipment, extra moulds, provision of relevant spare parts, extra freight and other related distribution items, as well as compensation for economic losses.  The total amount of which exceeded 50 million USD.
Chance Bridge appointed John Ye and Klaudia Chen to participate in the arbitration.  Based on their expertise of disputes, their comprehensive analysis of the facts and their strong understanding of the legal issues, Tech-Long's counterclaim was supported by the Arbitration Tribunal.  The claimant was dismissed and ordered to pay Tech-Long the remaining balance of the contract amount, interest on that amount, the remuneration of engineering and technical personnel, lawyers' fees, and other expenses.
Profile of lawyers
Klaudia Chen
Ms. Chen is an attorney-at-law of New York State, USA. She also has been a Chia lawyer since 2012.  She worked in Taiwan’s high-tech industry as a legal counsel for more than 10 years, and now is a partner at Chance Bridge.  Her practice areas and experiences mainly focused on Foreign Investment, Contract Law, Company Law, and Cross-Border Dispute Resolutions.
 John Ye
Mr. Ye is a partner at Chance Bridge.  He graduated from the University of Sheffield with an LL.M. in Commercial Law.  His practice areas and experiences are mainly focused on Real Estate, Project Finance and Dispute Resolution.  The customer he has served include: Standard Chartered,DBS, Citibank and OSRAM.
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