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Chance Bridge Partners sets up first domestic branch in Haikou

Date:2020-12-01 18:34:22

In September 2020, the Haikou Office of Chance Bridge Partners ("Chance Bridge") was approved by the Department of Justice of Hainan Province. The Haikou Office is the first branch office of Chance Bridge, which is headquatered in Beijing. Chance Bridge is committed to providing world-class professional legal services to the Hainan Free Trade Port and The China Great Bay Area("GBA") clients under the guidance of national policy. At the same time, the Haikou Office of Chance Bridge, together with its Beijing headquarters, will inject strong momentum into the integration, specialization and international development of Chance Bridge. 

As a pivotal city of the country's "One Belt, One Road" strategy, under the initiative of the country's "One Belt, One Road" initiative and accelerated development of the GBA, the Hainan Free Trade Port and Free Trade Area, Hainan Province continues to attract more and more famous domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions to settle in Hainan Province, and as Hainan's development plan continues to deepen, it will release huge market demand. In view of Chance Bridge, Hainan's legal service profession is bound to usher in a wave of new growth, and the settlement of Chance Bridge in Haikou is just the right time. 

In this regard, managing partner, Ning Zhu, said: the establishment of Haikou Office is an important strategic arrangement made by Chance Bridge to actively respond to the decisions and arrangements of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on promoting the construction and development of Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and cooperate with a series of policies to comprehensively deepen reform and opening-up, the national ecological civilization pilot zone, the international tourism and consumption center, and the national major strategic service support zone. We place high hopes on Haikou Office, and hope that Haikou team will inherit the first-class legal service level of the Chance Bridge and actively contribute to the future development and regional economy of Hainan Province with the help of global resources and platforms and rich experience in foreign-related legal services for many years. 

The future development of Haikou Office of Chance Bridge will focus on the specialization, integration and internationalization of the Chance Bridge and achieve cross-disciplinary, cross-industrial and cross-regional complementary linkage. Through business linkage, Haikou Office of Chance Bridge will be embedded in the integrated operation of Chance Bridge. 

Through Haikou Office, Chance Bridge could interact with clients in Hainan Free Trade Port and the GBA more closely and frequently, and serve the needs of the existing clients; in addition, Haikou Office will expand Chance Bridge's client base and business coverage in the GBA, "said Guangzhe Xu, managing partner of the Haikou Office. 

In terms of business development, Haikou Office of Chance Bridge will, relying on Chance Bridge's strong business field- cross-border legal services and relying on its rich experience accumulated in foreign-related legal services and international service network, devote itself to providing clients with professional services in the fields of foreign direct investment in China, corss-border M&A , overseas direct investment of Chinese enterprises, cross-border capital market and financing, cross-border compliance, and cross-border dispute resolution. In addition, Chance Bridge will integrate Chance Bridge's professional teams in the fields of capital markets and dispute resolution, and provide diversified professional services in line with the needs of Hainan Free Trade Port and the GBA in the fields of investment, trade, finance, high- tech, cultural and tourism, recreation, consumption upgrading, etc. 

The wind is coming from Hainan. The Haikou Office of Chance Bridge is about to open a new chapter in the development of Chance Bridge, and will also contribute to the great cause of Hainan Free Trade Port and the GBA. 

The partners of the Hainan branch are Guangzhe Xu, Li Li, Kai Fan and Honghao Zhang. 
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