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Chance Bridge Participates in A&L Goodbody's Alumni Event in Beijing

Date:2020-05-08 18:11:39

Beijing, China December 30, 2012 – Chance & Bridge participated in an exclusive event held by A&L Goodbody at the Irish Embassy in Beijing, celebrating the most prestigious Chinese law firms and their involvement with A&L Goodbody’s rotation program. Guests at the event included the top 25 Chinese law firms, the Irish Minister of Culture, and leading partners from A&L Goodbody.
Chance Bridge was the only firm at the event, which had not yet participated in A&L Goodbody’s rotation program, but according to Mr. John Given (International Strategy Partner) “Chance Bridge already counts as an alumni of the program because the firm demonstrates the managing style, quality services, and international orientation which A&L Goodbody looks to impart to their Chinese partners”.
Dr. Zhaofeng Zhou, the Chance Bridge partner who was present at the event, said “it was a great opportunity to further strengthen the ties between Chance Bridge and A&L Goodbody, meet leading members of the Irish government, and demonstrate Chance Bridge’s international orientation”. Chance Bridge’s international culture and shared view of professional legal services (commitment, quality, innovation, and teamwork) makes it particularly easy and fluid for foreign law firms to build relationships with the firm.
The A&L Goodbody rotation program, which Chance Bridge is going to enter, consists of a Chinese partner going to Ireland to be educated on the firm’s management structure, operation practices, specific practice areas, and build contacts. Through this program, an increasing number of Chinese firms are getting exposure to Irish law and businesses, as well as building more international firm cultures, which are increasing the quality of their services to international clients.
Chance Bridge Partners is a commercial law firm in Beijing, which specializes in mitigating the legal risks for both outbound and inbound investment in China. The firm’s other main practice areas include: antitrust/competition law, international trade, real estate, and dispute resolution. Through a culture that focuses on teamwork, commitment, open and direct communication, and quality, Chance Bridge continues to develop long-lasting relationships and act as a key advisor to many Chinese and international companies. 
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