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Mr. Philip Beer, Partner at Burges Salmon, meets with Chance Bridge Partners

Date:2020-05-08 18:11:39

On April 17th, Mr. Philip Beer, Partner at Burges Salmon, met with Dr. Wenjie Qian, Mr. Richard An, and Mr. Jude deTar to discuss developments in the UK's government-funded infrastructure projects, off-shore wind and hydro-power projects, and other Chinese outbound investment concerns. 

During the meeting, special emphasis was placed upon the emerging model of Chinese outbound investment, in which Chinese SOEs partner with local firms for the first few initial projects, thereby reducing their risk in the new market while acquiring the local operational, regulatory, and cultural fluency to succeed later with an entire in-house team. Although this model may not apply as well in developing markets, it has additional attractiveness in markets such as the UK, Europe, and the US. While there is little or no resistance to Chinese firms in the UK or Europe, this method has the additional benefit in the US of demonstrating to the authorities and local population that the Chinese enterprises are responsible, professional, and internationally competitive. 

Resources about international investment opportunities may be acquired by contacting Chance Bridge Partners. Additionally, through the firm's international partnerships with firms such as Burges Salmon, Chance Bridge Partners is able to provide innovative solutions to maximize the benefits to Chinese enterprises. 
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