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With the rapid development of China's economy, cultural creativity, entertainment and media has become one of the major economic pillars, become the object of capital scramble. Along with the vigorous development of our country's cultural and entertainment industry, the demand of legal service supporting cultural media and digital entertainment market is stronger and stronger. Different from traditional legal services, legal services in the field of culture, entertainment and media present their own unique characteristics. On the one hand, the field of culture, entertainment and media has integrated several legal departments such as the Contract Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Tort Law, Labor Law, Foreign Investment Law, Tax Law, and even Bankruptcy Law, and has a strong feature of cross-integration of departmental laws. Service providers must master various laws and regulations. More importantly, the field of culture, entertainment and media subject to the cultural management and content supervision of the country where it is located has a strong policy dependence, and to some extent, it can be said that understanding and mastering the relevant evidence is more important and practical value than familiarizing with the relevant laws. 

Chance Bridge Partners has a team of experts, scholars and consultants who integrate the theory and practice of various branch laws, and senior lawyers who have rich experience and outstanding performance. They can integrate and integrate legal experience and knowledge with service needs, and meet the comprehensive legal service needs of different clients in the field of culture and entertainment. Chance Bridge Partners is also well-known foreign law firms in China. More than 50% of lawyers have overseas study or law firm practice experience, and are familiar with the relevant laws and policies of major developed countries such as the US, Europe and Japan. They are suitable for the high standard requirements of client's integration of Chinese and foreign laws. Chance Bridge Partners has strong research strength, and pay close attention to policy trends in the field of culture and entertainment. They can provide clients with more operational and dynamic legal services and avoid policy risks in business activities. 

The core business areas include:


(I)Services Relating to the Capital Operation in the Cultural, Media and Entertainment Sectors

Cultural industry has become one of the pillar industries of the national economy. The field of cultural media and entertainment has been favored by capital in recent years. The gradual loosening of the state policy, the gradual opening of the doors in the field of radio and television media, the continuous emergence of new opportunities for market expansion, and the continuous increase of the content and proportion of science and technology in the industry all put forward higher and newer requirements for capital operation legal services in the field of cultural media and entertainment. Capital Market Legal Services as the "leader" of Chance Bridge Partners, capital market legal services have a talent echelon from former industry authorities, industry leading enterprises, experts, scholars and senior lawyers, and have been awarded the Award of Excellence for Law Firms, Recognized Law Firms and other titles by international rating agencies such as Chambers of Commerce, Commercial Law, ALB, International Financial Legal Review and Asian Legal Review for many times. They can provide clients with more rapid, efficient and cost-effective legal services, and win more substantial profits and returns by cooperating with enterprises. 

Our available legal services include:

•     IP authorization layout and transaction structure design;
•     Investment and financing legal services for entertainment projects such as film and television, entertainment, variety shows and games;
•     The equity structure design and domestic or overseas listing plan of the entertainment and media company;
•     Conducting mergers, acquisitions, asset restructurings, equity or core IP transfers in the entertainment and media sectors;
•     Assisting clients in various government registrations, approvals and filings;
•     Providing legal services relating to the development and operation of financial derivatives in the culture and entertainment industry;
•     Trading, mergers and acquisitions, reorganization negotiations and due diligence. 

(II) Legal Services or Film and Television Animation

Chance Bridge Partners has attached a great importance to the construction of legal service system for film, television and animation for many years, and focus on providing comprehensive, efficient, quality and operational legal services for clients. The scope of legal services only surrounds the whole operation process of film, television and animation projects and covers IP introduction, IP transaction, screenplay or script creation, project investment and financing, co-production or cooperation, shooting backdrops, post-production, publicity and issuance, derivative product development, employment, music or other works authorization and other processes. Chance Bridge Partners has many well-known clients, including film and television producers, variety producers and screenwriters. 

Our available legal services include:

•     Reviewing and investigation of the introduction, trading and right chain of domestic and overseas film sources; 
•     Domestic and foreign IP adaptation, derivation of the creation and development;
•     Projecting cooperation, authorization negotiations and contracting drafting, validation and risk screening;
•     The compliance review and risk control of the process of preliminary planning, entrusted creation, production and publicity of the project;
•     The cutting, individual operation and maintenance of rights of music and art works;
•     Video recordings, audio recordings, online downloads, streaming media transmission, and other operation and right safeguarding;
•     Lease and cooperation agreement of performance and show locations;
•     Settlement and Disposal of Relevant Disputes. 

(III) Legal Services for Entertainers and Star Brokers

Entertainers and celebrities are one of the key factors for the success of film and television entertainment projects. Chance Bridge Partners has extensive experience in the field of Entertainer Brokerage. Based on a deep understanding of the industry, Chance Bridge Partners specializes in providing comprehensive policy, legal, and industry advice to clients, balancing risk management and business interests. 

Our available legal services include:

•     Compliance review and risk management/control of performance brokerage or management model;
•     Review, negotiation and maintenance of contracts relating to entertainers’ and stars’ performance, endorsement and business cooperation;
•     Tax planning relating to performance;
•     Right of reputation, portrait right, privacy right, etc. of artists and celebrities;
•     Assistance in dealing with celebrity PR events (with a legal as the main perspective). 

(IV) Legal Services for Online Games

Chance Bridge Partners can provide professional legal services for clients engaged in online game development, production, marketing and derivative product development. Chance Bridge Partners is familiar with domestic and foreign online games, online live broadcast and other related industries and policy trends,that has rich practical experience and can provide solid and reliable legal services for clients. 

Our available legal services include:

•     The game goes to sea before the compliance;
•     Compliance review and risk investigation of entrusted development, cooperative sharing and other aspects of the game;
•     Game IP introduction and licensing at home and abroad;
•     Game derivatives development, management and rights protection;
•     Game live compliance review and rights protection. 

(V) Media and Advertising Legal Services

Chance Bridge Partners will focus their attention on the transformation of traditional media in the Internet and mobile Internet era, the development of new media and the new legal needs arising from the integration of media. They will be able to integrate legal knowledge in the field of traditional media and advertising with new changes and trends in the Internet era, help clients to understand and grasp the opportunities and challenges brought about by policy changes as soon as possible, and help clients win opportunities, get out of shackles and avoid risks. 

Our available legal services include:

•     Legal proposal drafting, negotiation, contract review, due diligence and other matters in respect of cooperation between media;
•     Review of the mechanism for online and offline IP sharing and the compliance of power ownership;
•     Review of media and advertising contracts and risk aversion;
•     Compliance review and risk avoidance in respect of the advertisement publishing;
•     Compliance treatment of soft advertising implantation;
•     Handling of administrative complaints, reconsideration and administrative litigation. 

(VI) Legal services in sports and variety arts

Sports and variety fields with film and television animation field of different legal rules. Familiar with domestic and foreign industry rules and policy trends, Zhuo Wei is keen to grasp customer needs, specializing in providing professional and comprehensive legal, policy and industry advice to customers. His services cover sports events and sports program authorization and management, athlete brokers and business cooperation negotiations, sports compliance and so on. 

Our available legal services include:

•     Drafting and review of athletes and star brokers, transfer contracts;
•     Settlement of disputes over salaries and remunerations of athletes and stars and damage thereof;
•     Compliance review and treatment for operation and commercial cooperation of competition or variety projects;
•     Introduction of competition or variety events, live broadcast, rebroadcast legal services;
•     Disputes resolution related to races or variety projects. 

(VII) Legal Services in the Cultural and Creative Field

The Chance Bridge Partners focuses on legal services in the cultural and creative fields, covering design, music, drama, museums and other related business areas and providing clients with comprehensive intellectual property protection system planning and suggestions, compliance review, infringement monitoring and rights protection actions. 

Our available legal services include:

•     Reviewing of rights chain and due diligence;
•     Designing IP ownership confirmation and derivative development legal service;
•     Establishing cultural and creativing parks and relevant compliance services;
•     Intellectual property system planning, operation and protection;
•     Monitoring and protection of intellectual property infringement. 
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