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Chance Bridge Partners, as a law firm specializing in cross-border transactions, capital markets, financial services and other commercial areas, and based on the development concept of "cooperation, initiative, innovation and commitment", constantly introduce partners with stronger expertise in various fields and conduct professional and departmental management. In recent years, our firm has been providing professional, efficient, responsible and quality legal services, has been widely recognized by the market. 

After the introduction of the 2018 New AMM Rules, the AMM field has entered a new stage of development. In the financial sector, in combination with the requirements of the overall planning of national economic development, the asset management philosophy of "de-channel, lowering leverage, banning rigid exchange and controlling risks" has been gradually regulated and implemented, and many trust asset management institutions are facing institutional reform, business innovation, business transformation and other challenges. In order to cater for the development of the AMB market, we have introduced partners with strong professional competence in the AMB field and set up a AMB department to provide our clients with more professional and targeted legal compliance services in this field. Based on the concept of "Great Consulting", we will take legal service as the starting point, pay close attention to the needs of customers, use our existing resources to integrate industry and resources, and look forward to providing more business development opportunities for customers.

(I) System Construction and Business Process Management of the Trust Assets Management Institution. 

At the present stage, many trust asset management institutions are facing organizational reform and are developing from the traditional management mode of "front office, middle office and back office" to the divisional system and regional management. In addition to the constant changes in regulatory policies, the management of business processes needs to be constantly updated to adapt to new development requirements. Chance Bridge Partners may provide targeted professional services such as analysis of compliance of systems, update and improvement of systems, optimisation of business processes, etc for assets management institutional clients. 

 (II) The Trust Assets Management Institution Shall Fulfill Its Business Transfer and Management Responsibilities. 

The release of the New Rules on Asset Management and the Nine Civil Minutes has added to the management responsibilities of asset management trustees and asset management sales institutions. Under the premise of prohibiting rigid payment, trust asset management institutions shall strictly control their due diligence duties and management duties so as to avoid liabilities of the fiduciary. While carrying out business in the past, the concept of channel of the AMB has been deeply rooted and the implementation of the management responsibilities of the trustee has received relatively little attention. With the promulgation of the new rules on asset management, all asset management institutions will face the further implementation of the due diligence and management of trustees. This Exchange may, on the basis of the demand of the assets management institution, provide legal due diligence investigation and professional legal services to enable the assets management institution to better perform its duties of management of trustees. 

(III) Business Negotiation of the Trust Asset Management Institution, Drafting of Transaction Documents and Issuance of Legal Opinions. 

At present, the trust asset management product market changes rapidly and the supervision scale changes constantly, which makes trust asset management institutions face many obstacles in the process of carrying out business, affect the efficiency of business negotiations and then affect the promotion of business. In view of the above situation, we may provide assistance in business negotiation, drafting transaction documents, issuing legal opinions and other services. By assisting negotiation, we can understand the business logic and the demands of the parties, and then analyze the feasibility and compliance of the business plan, and effectively implement the demands in the transaction documents and legal opinions. In addition, we have regulatory resources to help clients effectively communicate with regulatory authorities and ensure the legitimacy and compliance of their trust asset management business. 

(IV) Judgment on the Compliance of Post-investment Management of and Changes in Special Matters of Trust Assets Management Institutions. 

Under the new rules, trust asset management institutions' management responsibilities will be embodied in their due diligence prior to the launch of their asset management products, and also in their post-investment management after the launch of their asset management products. After the asset management products are put into operation, there will be changes in the market, the industry and the regulatory policies, and trust asset management institutions shall deal with such issues effectively under the condition of compliance with laws and regulations. In view of the above circumstances, we may provide special legal compliance services in respect of post-investment management, change of special matters and other matters, and may put forward suggestions on the change of matters, and issue special legal opinions on the change to special matters. 

(V) Interpretation of the Relevant Regulatory Provisions of Trust Asset Management Institutions,Industry Analysis and Business Trend Analysis. 

With the increasing efforts of the State in regulation and control of the asset management industry, trust asset management institutions are required to fully understand regulatory policies in order to regulate the operation mode of trust asset management institutions and make regulatory provisions promulgated and changed more frequently. After the new regulatory provisions are promulgated, we will make sufficient discussion and discussion on the regulatory provisions at the earliest time possible, and may provide interpretation services of regulatory provisions for trust asset management institutions. In the process of interpretation, combined with industry analysis, business trend analysis, to provide business development recommendations for trust fund management institutions. 

(VI) Business Innovation Research of Trust Assets Management Institutions. 

Due to the reform of trust assets management industry, trust assets management institutions need to make constant business innovation to meet market demands. The development of national economy is the general trend, and the function of financial asset management institutions in serving economic development is increasingly prominent. However, the State also needs to carry out effective supervision of financial asset management organisations to prevent systemic financial risks. Therefore, the operation mode of trust asset management industry needs to be innovated constantly, which can not only meet the basic requirements of supervision but also prevent and control financial risks. Chance Bridge Partners will keep abreast of the development of the financial market, constantly explore the development prospects of the trust asset management business, study the innovative business based on the innovation needs of clients and provide our most cutting-edge innovative ideas. In addition, we will actively cooperate with institutions with innovative intentions to play their respective advantages so as to "take root and sprout" innovative businesses as soon as possible. 

(VII) The Role of Special Roles for Asset Management Products Such as Family Trust and Asset Securitization.

The Interim Administrative Measures for Fund Trusts of Trust Companies (Draft for Comment) (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Comment") have begun to seek public comments, and the official implementation of the document is still foreseeable. The Draft for Comment strictly limits the proportion of non-standard trust investment business, and increases the attention paid by the trust industry to service trusts and standardized trust investment products. The reform of trust industry reflects the development trend of the whole asset management industry from one side, and any trust asset management institution will face these problems. As a result, it is foreseeable that the future of AMC products will continue to enhance the attributes of service and standardized management and will become more specialized in the area of AMC. In such a general trend, law firms, as third-party legal service organizations, will play an important role in it. Take family trusts and asset securitization products for example, a law firm may serve as a supervisor for family trust property. Based on our experience in non-litigation business and litigation business in commercial fields, the introduction of a large number of professional lawyers and its expertise in family wealth management and asset value maintenance and appreciation,we can play the role of the supervisor of family trust business. Chance Bridge Partners may, as the asset manager of the underlying assets of asset securitization products, analyze and judge the legitimacy and compliance of such underlying assets and carry out the examination on asset package. Chance Bridge Partners, based on the accumulation of experience in a large number of asset restructuring cases, is able to play its due role in the underlying asset management of asset securitization products. 

(VIII) Agency of Trust Asset Management Product Dispute Resolution and Asset Disposal Cases. 

In recent years,Chance Bridge Partners has accumulated a great deal of experience in resolving disputes and disposing of assets in large commercial cases, and has successively issued a number of research results, such as "The Impact of and Response to the Minutes of the National and Commercial Trial Work on the Trust Business" and "The Impact of the Minutes of the National and Commercial Trial Work on the Securities Industry and Response to it". The dispute resolution team of our firm is composed of lawyers with extensive dispute resolution experience and graduated from prestigious universities. Based on the practicing philosophy of comprehensiveness, innovation, activeness and communication, the dispute resolution team has accumulated a large number of classic cases (see the introduction of classic cases on commission basis of this Exchange for details). 

Our firm also has many successful cases in dispute resolution and asset disposal in the field of trust assets management. With the continuous accumulation of business, the mature working mode and playing method of the dispute resolution team of Chance Bridge Partners can be proficient in and clearly analyze the situation of cases, timely issue litigation and arbitration plans, effectively communicate and promote cases, and timely give feedback on the progress of cases. Due to the continuous standardization of the trust asset management industry, as well as by the "deleveraging, banning rigid exchange" policy, the dispute cases in the trust asset management industry are increasing. Such cases have such characteristics as large subject matter, great dispute, strong specialty and great influence on the assets management institutions, and all large trust assets management institutions have attached more and more importance to the dispute resolution cases, and the requirements for the professionalism of the law firms undertaking such cases have been continuously raised. In order to meet the needs of the market, the dispute resolution team has been targeted to continuously enhance their business capabilities, in this field has been the majority of customers fully recognized. 

The trust asset management field is a very professional financial business field. Based on the professional development concept, we aim to provide more professional, comprehensive and targeted legal services for our clients, so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation with many asset management institutions. 
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