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With the continuous development of the insurance industry and business innovation, various businesses have developed rapidly. However, along with the continuous development of businesses, many problems have gradually emerged and individual risks occur from time to time. Based on a thorough understanding of China's legal and business environment and a good grasp of legal practice, our lawyers have a deep understanding of the needs of insurance company clients, and are able to provide them with practical and appropriate solutions, as well as forward-looking and pioneering professional advice. 

The types of legal services we can provide to our clients include:

1、 Internal Governance of the Company
•    Assisting your company in drafting, formulating, reviewing or amending relevant articles of association and rules and measures on internal governance in accordance with laws, administrative regulations and departmental rules of regulatory institutions and competent departments, participating in the training of professional legal knowledge;
•    Assisting your company to establish and improve internal control systems such as budget management system, fund management system, information management system, fixed assets management system, investment project initiation management system, purchase and payment process management system, sales and payment process management system, cost and expense management system, contract management system, human resource management system, intellectual property management system and administrative office management system based on your needs;
•    Preparing the use instructions for the internal rules and regulations drafted by our lawyers and answering questions from clients based on their needs;
•    Providing trainings related to internal rules and systems for related personnel as required by clients. 

2、 Establishment and Management of Branches of the Company
•    Establishing distribution alliances with local business partners, providing consulting services to insurance brokers, general agents and investors in the insurance sector, and participating in the settlement of disputes between partners or customers. 

3、 Examination on the Compliance of Insurance Products, Insurance Derivative Products and Insurance Marketing Activities
•    Participating in the design of insurance products and insurance derivatives, providing legal analysis and opinions on product models, operational risks, foreign exchange control, consumer protection and other related issues, and providing legal analysis and compliance opinions on the relevant terms and conditions;
•    For marketing activities and marketing activities (such as various customer salons, customer feedback activities, marketing training of online and offline products for sales personnel, preparation of promotional materials, etc) led by insurance companies, insurance agents, insurance brokers, banks, etc, provide legal analysis and compliance opinion for setting of activities workflow, contents of activities materials, etc from the perspective of compliance. 

4、 Participation in Business Cooperation Negotiations With Other Operational Organizations, Drafting or Examination of Business Cooperation Agreements
•    The trade union shall fully communicate with the person-in-charge and learn about the matters to be negotiated, basic information about the counterparty, progress of the negotiation, differences in the negotiation and the negotiation plan process. Where necessary, the basic information and credit status of the negotiating party shall be fully investigated; 
•    Assisting in organizing the argumentation meeting for the negotiation feasibility to coordinate the specific issues other than the legal issues involved in the negotiation, such as financial and management affairs;
•    Determining the negotiation programme and reach consensus with the relevant leaders on the negotiation programme;
•    Participating in the negotiation, provide legal support to your company's negotiator on the negotiation spot;
•    After the negotiation, you shall timely feed back the negotiation progress and result in written form to your company, and formulate the related text of agreement according to the negotiation result. 

5、 Equity Investment and Merger and Acquisition
•    Drafting confidentiality agreements, framework agreements and lists of main investment terms, etc.;
•    Conducting legal due diligence on the Target Company and issue legal due diligence report;
•    Issuing legal analysis opinions or memorandum on legal issues discovered in the due diligence and the transaction; 
•    Assisting in completing the examination and approval procedures of relevant authorities required for the investment or merger and acquisition project;
•    Participating in the design of transaction structure of investment projects and merger and acquisition projects and issuance of legal opinions;
•    Providing legal services for the business integration after the Closing;
•    Providing suggestions on the selection of overseas law firms and other service providers in overseas investment merger and acquisition, and coordinating the work of these service providers;
•    Litigation, arbitration and enforcement in relation to disputes arising from Chinese enterprises' investment in and foreign countries, including settling disputes in cooperation with foreign law firms; 

6、 Direct Investment and Indirect Investment of Insurance Funds
•    Interpretation of insurance regulatory policies: for the provisions promulgated by the China Insurance Regulatory Commission and other administrative departments on insurance and the use of insurance funds, explain the specific legal provisions in terms of promulgation background, macroeconomic policies, etc., analyze the impact on the insurance industry and propose corresponding countermeasures;
•    Demonstration of the legality and compliance of the use of insurance funds: conducting full analysis and demonstration of the structural design of the use of insurance funds, fully revealing risks and issuing legal analysis opinions based on the legal and compliance elements of the use of insurance funds, in combination with the purpose of risk prevention, in accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and other normative documents, and by reference to the identification of judicial practice;
•    Providing diligence of insurance investment projects:conduct comprehensive, in-depth and detailed legal due diligence on the investment and financing subject matter and counterparties in accordance with the requirements of clients, including but not limited to collection of information and visits to the relevant government departments and regulatory authorities etc, and carry out analysis and demonstration of preliminary structure design, propose opinions for revision and improvement, and issue legal due diligence reports;
•    Issuing legal opinions: issue legal opinions on the investment and use of insurance funds and the enterprise annuity, pension products and occupational annuity that are entrusted for management in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and the requirements of the regulatory departments, conduct legal analysis and demonstration, propose solutions and issue legal analysis and opinions on specific legal issues in the transaction process in combination with the judicial practice and in accordance with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and other normative documents;
•    Drafting and revision of legal documents for transactions: drafting and revising contracts, risk statements and other documents in a professional, rigorous, thorough and careful manner to protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients and facilitate the smooth progress of transactions as required by clients, examining transaction documents of the projects of outbound investment with insurance funds and providing revision and review opinions;
•    Business Negotiation: Accept the entrustment of clients, and represent or assist clients in business negotiations with investors and counterparties to win or maintain the negotiation interest to the maximum extent;
•    Legal and practice training and discussion: Providing efficient training or thematic discussion on insurance laws, regulations and regulatory policies to clients and the relevant personnel thereof upon clients' request, and timely providing clients with all kinds of information on insurance legal value. 

7、 Dispute Resolution
We have extensive experience in the field of dispute resolution of insurance disputes, and are able to provide whole-process legal services for the litigation, arbitration, enforcement and other procedures of insurance disputes, including but not limited to property insurance, credit insurance, liability insurance and various other types of insurance disputes. At the same time, we also have unique views on the dispute resolution of cross-border insurance disputes. In all types of insurance disputes, we can provide customers with a full range of quality legal services, such as:

In the event of disputes over property loss insurance contracts, we may, on behalf of the insurance companies, handle the insurance claims disputes lodged by the insured to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients. 

In any dispute over a credit insurance contract, we may, on behalf of the insurance company, file an insurance claim dispute case against the insured as well as any insurance claim dispute case involving trade financing as filed by a third-party bank. 

In the liability insurance contract disputes, we may represent the insurance company to file lawsuits and arbitration cases against third parties, and also represent the insurance company to file insurance claims against the insured. 

In the subrogation disputes, we can represent the insurance company to exercise the right of recourse to the third party, and strive for the maximum benefit for the clients. 

The services we can provide for the resolution of disputes of all kinds include:
•    Preliminary Analysis and uation of the Case – Before accepting a formal engagement, our lawyers will conduct legal analysis and uation of the client's proposed case, and provide written reports and recommendations for the client's reference, so that the client can analyze and make a decision on the dispute resolution strategy;
•    Issuing legal opinions- upon the request of the clients, our lawyers may issue special legal opinions on the potential or ongoing disputes of the clients so as to provide professional legal support for the internal decision-making of the companies of the clients;
•    Providing whole-process legal service for the litigation, arbitration and other proceedings, including but not limited to assisting the client to collect and sort out relevant evidence, drafting application form of complaint/arbitration, statement of defense/argument, list of evidence, agency opinion, cross-examination opinion and other relevant documents and reaching settlement or mediation with the other party as instructed by the client;
•    Providing legal services for the appeal, retrial, execution and other procedures of litigation cases;
•    Providing legal services for the determination of the validity of arbitration agreements, revocation of arbitration awards, enforcement of arbitration awards and other procedures relating to arbitration cases;
•    Consultation and Advice - During the above services, we will maintain close working relationship with customers, according to customer's work needs, to provide customers with dispute resolution related daily legal advice and professional advice. 

8、 Foreign-related Business
•    Establishment, governance structure and organizational structure of the insurance joint venture;
•    The relevant requirements, design, implementation and monitoring of the compliance system of overseas insurance companies in China. 

9、 High Net Worth Client Wealth Management Business
•    Providing wealth management training for insurance marketing channels to improve the marketing capability of clients with high net worth; 
•    Providing financial institutions' clients with services such as client salon and client forum for wealth management, improving clients' experience and enhancing their awareness of wealth management; 
•    Offering one-to-one wealth management consulting services in respect of wealth inheritance planning, marriage planning, asset-liability planning, trust and insurance tool planning for clients of financial institutions with high net worth, and issuing opinions on overall or special planning of personal wealth management;
•    Issuing such instruments related to wealth management as will, property agreement and family trust legal opinions for clients with high net worth;
•    Handling litigation and arbitration cases related to the management of client wealth of high net worth. 
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