Practice areas

Chance Bridge Partners' primary objective is to help clients avoid lawsuits as much as possible, but when lawsuits cannot be avoided, we will fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients. 

Chance Bridge Partners is good at handling high target amount, difficult and retrial cases. We will first assess the dispute from the legal, business and reputational aspects, and then develop a solution that minimizes the damage. As a Chinese-funded law firm, we can engage in activities that foreign-funded law firms are unable to engage in (China does not allow foreign-funded law firms to represent their clients to appear in court in China's courts). Therefore, we often cooperate with many well-known foreign-funded law firms to engage in litigation in China. We usually adopt measures such as freezing of assets to deal with some high-standard amount, fraud and asset recourse cases. Our lawyers have repeatedly won judgement in China on behalf of clients. 

Litigation is no longer the only remedy, we are also good at alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation, arbitration, expert advice and so on. Many of our partners are members of the China Arbitration Association, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and other arbitration centers, which can participate in arbitration activities on behalf of clients and resolve disputes efficiently. 

1. Our Service Areas

(1) Securities litigation
Our dispute resolution team has excellent expertise in the field of securities litigation and a wealth of practical experience. We have represented issuers, underwriters, investment banks, private equity funds and other securities service organizations in providing extensive professional advice and litigation representation services on issues such as fraudulent issuance, misrepresentation, insider trading, industry regulation, and professional liability in the securities industry. 

(2) Shareholders and The Company
Providing legal advice and agency services in respect of, among other things, shareholders’ real-name or dormant capital contribution, disputes over equity interest and shareholders’ identity, shareholders’ protection and derivative litigation, and corporate governance structure;

(3) Business and Contracts
Providing professional services in connection with disputes relating to agreements, among others, sale, purchase, joint venture, partnership, program, investment, service, supply and distribution, involved by the client in its commercial activities. 

(4) Construction 
Providing a wide range of services for construction disputes, such as construction, equipment procurement and installation, design, supervision contracts, construction quality, project delay, and project payment settlement. 

(5) Banking and Finance
With vast practical experience in the banking and financial fields, our lawyers have successfully solved a number of complex legal disputes in numerous banks and financial institutions at home and abroad, including real estate mortgage loans, asset mortgage loans, unsecured loans, leverage loans, syndicated loans, and financing lease of equipment thereof, factoring and wealth management products, entrusted loans of private equity funds and trust companies, stock-pledged repurchase, transfer of the right to equity return, private lending, etc. 

(6) Foreign-related Litigation and Arbitration
We have a team of professionals who have studied or worked in developed countries such as the UK, the US, France and Germany. Our lawyers are able to directly provide dispute resolution services in international business languages such as English and French. We have represented many multinational corporations, foreign banks, overseas financial institutions and other commercial entities to provide comprehensive agency services in the litigation and arbitration in the commercial activities in China, and have achieved remarkable results. 

(7) Disposal of Non-performing Assets
Our lawyers have experienced the whole development of China's non-performing assets industry, whether it is the policy-related divestiture of non-performing debt or commercial disposal, are active in our lawyers. We provide professional services to many commercial banks, asset management companies and professional investors in terms of due diligence investigation of non-performing assets at the early stage, selection of disposal methods, uation and pricing of asset package, commercial negotiation, auction and delivery, subsequent disposal, etc. 

(8) Bankruptcy and Reorganization
In the areas of bankruptcy and restructuring, we can provide services to clients including bankruptcy and liquidation risk analysis, corporate trusteeship, bankruptcy liquidation petition, performance of duties as an administrator, announcement and notice, daily management, examination of claims and debts, property recovery, staff placement and property disposal, and other matters related to bankruptcy liquidation. 

(9) Labour Disputes
With our rich experience in the field of labor disputes, we provide clients with labor dispute services, including but not limited to: acting as the agent of labor arbitration and labor litigation; resolving labor disputes by means of consultation, mediation and negotiation; recovering labor remuneration; drafting, reviewing and revising labor contracts and non-competition agreements and confidentiality agreements; improving internal rules and regulations of the enterprises; assisting employers in fulfilling their labor legal obligations; assisting employers in establishing and improving employees' files; assisting employers in establishing a coordination mechanism between employers and employees; labor law training; and other labor legal affairs. 

(10) Intellectual Property Litigation
Providing professional legal services for clients in the areas of administrative procedures and litigation involving intellectual property rights, such as trademark rights, copyrights, patents, trade secrets and unfair competition. 

2. Services Provided by us to Clients

(1) Preliminary Analysis and uation of the Case
Prior to the commencement of the proceedings, our lawyers will conduct legal analysis and assessment of the client's proposed case, and provide written reports and recommendations for the client's reference, so that the client can make a decision on whether and how to initiate the proceedings.

(2) Drafting litigation documents
Collecting, sorting out evidence of the case, understanding facts of the case, and, on this basis, drafting the indictment, evidence list, preservation application, letter of authorization, and other litigation documents. 

(3) Taking preservation measures
With respect to any case in which it is difficult to enforce the judgment on the case or other damages may be caused to the client due to the conduct of the opposite party to the litigation or any other reason, we will file an application with the court according to the instructions of the client and request the court to make a ruling to take preservation measures such as sealing up, distraining or freezing the property of the opposite party to the litigation, order the opposite party to the litigation to conduct certain acts or prohibit such acts, so as to ensure the fluent enforcement of the judgment after it becomes effective in the future. 

(4) Participation in Court Hearings
We will represent the client in court to state the facts and reasons of the case, adduce evidence and conduct cross-examination; admit, change or waive claims on behalf of the client; apply for forensic expertise or witness to testify in court; voice arguments; refute the counterparty's arguments; mediate under the auspices of the court or reach a settlement outside the court; and withdraw the claim as instructed by the client. Within two working days after the end of the court hearing, we shall submit the written report on the court hearing to the client so as to enable the client to timely understand the progress of the case. 

(5) Appeal
If the client has any objection to the judgment of the first instance, we will, on behalf of the client, appeal to the court at a higher level within the statutory period, requesting the court at a higher level to hear the case in accordance with the case facts and applicable laws and change the judgment of the first instance or remand the case for retrial by the court of the first instance. 

(6) Retrial
For civil judgments that have come into effect, we can also according to clients instructions, on behalf of the clients to file a request for retrial, and do our best to start the retrial proceedings. 

(7) Perform
For civil judgments that have come into effect, we will comprehensively and carefully investigate the property of the party subject to enforcement clues, tailor for clients to implement the program. For the implementation of the common problems in practice, we will exhaust all means to resolve the implementation of difficult problems. In the course of execution, we often change or add the party subject to execution, or initiate the lawsuit of denying the company's personality, the lawsuit of subrogation, the application for bankruptcy of the party subject to execution, etc. to achieve the clients execution goal; we also do not give up the reconciliation efforts, actively negotiate with the party subject to execution, and strive to reach a reconciliation agreement with the party. If the person subject to enforcement refuses to perform the reconciliation agreement, we will apply to the court for resuming the enforcement of the original judgment or institute a lawsuit with the enforcement court regarding the reconciliation agreement, requesting the person subject to enforcement to perform the reconciliation agreement; we will also pay close attention to the consumption status of the person subject to enforcement, timely report the property trend to the court, urge the court to restrict the extravagant consumption activities of the person subject to enforcement, and include the person subject to enforcement in the list of dishonest persons, making the person subject to enforcement bankrupt in reputation and difficult to continue business operation, thus forcing the person subject to enforcement to actively perform the judgment; as for the person subject to enforcement with normal production and operation and full solvency but refusing to perform the effective judgment, we will, by taking advantage of relevant provisions of the Criminal Law on the crime of "refusing to perform the judgment rendered by the court", apply to the public security organ for case filing, so as to deter the person subject to enforcement from seriously performing the judgment rendered by the court. 

(8) Settlement
Although the settlement will reduce our lawyer fees income, but in order to maximize the protection of your legitimate interests, whether at the stage of litigation or execution stage, we never close the door to negotiations, never give up reconciliation efforts, strive to reach a settlement satisfactory to the client. 

(9) Consultation and Suggestions
During the above service, we will keep close contact with our clients, and provide daily legal consultation and professional advice related to dispute resolution according to clients' needs. 
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