Practice areas

Financial Derivatives Department is a professional legal business department established by Chance Bridge Partners to serve global financial derivatives business. We, based on China's financial derivatives market and connecting the world, provide all-round and high-quality legal services to various domestic and international trading venues, clearing institutions, futures companies, securities companies, banks, state-owned enterprises and other market players of financial derivatives such as forward transactions, futures, options, swaps and other types of financial derivatives as well as trading venues, clearing institutions, futures companies, securities companies, banks and state-owned enterprises engaged in financial derivatives business. We are good at legal supervision and compliance of domestic and overseas financial derivatives, understand the market trading rules, and provide legal support and suggestions for clients to carry out operation and transactions in accordance with laws and regulations. We can also represent clients to participate in dispute resolution process related to financial derivatives such as mediation, arbitration and litigation so as to maximize the protection of clients' legitimate rights and interests. Our financial derivatives department will adhere to the spirit of professionalism and provide legal services and support for the global financial derivatives business.

Our available legal services include:

•    Designing and drafting standard contracts and legal argumentation;
•    Drafting, revision and review of non-standard contracts; 
•    Drafting rules, internal governance and compliance of trading place;
•    Drafting the rules for clearing institutions and internal governance and compliance; 
•    Trading, delivery and settlement of financial derivatives; 
•    Internal governance and compliance of the futures company;
•    Stock option and over-the-counter derivatives business of securities companies;
•    Financial derivatives business of banks; 
•    Financial derivatives business of state-owned enterprises;
•    Regulation and compliance of cross-border financial derivatives trading;
•    Intelligent contracts and digital assets;
•    Settlement of disputes arising from financial derivatives;
•    Consultation and suggestions from regulators, legislatures and judicial bodies. -
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