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Since the implementation of the Anti-monopoly Law, China has become one of the three major anti-monopoly jurisdictions parallel to the United States and the European Union. The Anti-monopoly Law is the basis for anti-monopoly law enforcement and also the standards for enterprises to engage in business activities, so its impact on the business activities of enterprises is comprehensive and far-reaching. Therefore, actively carrying out competition compliance and preventing monopoly risks have become a compulsory course in the daily business activities of enterprises; actively responding to anti-monopoly investigations and minimizing losses are inevitable requirements for enterprises to operate in accordance with the law and observe the supervision; resolving monopoly disputes and participating in monopoly litigations are rational choices for enterprises to protect their own interests and maintain the market competition order in accordance with the law. Monopoly problem and monopoly risk have become unavoidable and unneglectable problems in enterprises' business activities. Only by following the anti-monopoly law can we obtain the expected benefits. As a professional, international law firm, Chance Bridge Partners always upholds the concept of clients first, providing clients with anti-monopoly legal services in any aspect of business activities or behavior. The antitrust services provided by Chance Bridge Partners’ antitrust team have the following three characteristics:
•    The team includes not only antitrust lawyers who are familiar with the legal environment of China's economy and have a profound theoretical background, but also lawyers who have been engaged in foreign legal services for a long time. 
•    The seamless connection with international partners can meet the demands of clients in respect of anti-monopoly law compliance, response to investigation, centralized declaration and others on a global scale; and
•    We can effectively deal with and solve the complex problems of anti-monopoly law, and control the cost within a reasonable range. 

Our areas of service include:

1. Declaration of concentration of undertakings and the relevant businesses
The antitrust and anti-Unfair competition law team of Chance Bridge Partners has long been engaged in foreign legal services, its seamless docking with international partners can meet the needs of clients in the global antitrust law. So far we have assisted many well-known multinational companies, large and medium -sized state-owned and private enterprises and other clients in their domestic and foreign M&A transactions in China to declare concentration of undertakings. 

The legal services we may provide include but are not limited to:
•    Providing consultation on whether to declare a concentration of undertakings;
•  Assisting the State Administration for Market Regulation in reporting the concentration of undertakings;
•   Assisting in applying to the State Administration for Market Regulation for consultation on the declaration of a concentration of undertakings; 
•   Providing consulting, strategic analysis and negotiation services in respect of the business divestiture and additional conditions set forth in the notification;
•    Assisting in challenging and opposing the concentration of the relevant enterprises; 
•    Coordinating or assisting clients in their declaration of the concentration of undertakings in various countries (regions);
•    Proposing institute administrative review or administrative litigation against the relevant decision. 

2. Business relating to anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition investigation
With the strengthening of competition law enforcement in our country, many enterprises often lack enough experience to deal with the investigation, so that when the investigators come to the door, they are at a loss, even make extreme reactions, which lead to serious consequences. Chance Bridge Partners's team of antitrust and competition lawyers is well versed in China's law enforcement environment and has a profound theoretical background, and has participated in the drafting of various regulations, rules, and guidelines under the framework of China's antitrust law. our anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition law team can assist enterprises in reasonable responses, defend themselves according to the law in a justified manner while ensuring the fulfillment of the statutory obligation of cooperation, and safeguard their own legitimate rights and interests while actively cooperating with investigations and providing the relevant materials and evidence. 

The legal services we may provide include but are not limited to:
•   Assisting in responding to investigations launched by the State Administration for Market Regulation into suspected monopolistic and unfair competition practices; 
•    Conducting simulations and make suggestions on response to the competition investigation;
•   Assisting in applying for leniency program for horizontal monopoly agreements so as to obtain exemption or lighter punishment;
•    Assisting in applying commitments to obtain a suspension or termination of the investigation. 

3. Dispute Resolution Business of Antitrust & Unfair Competition
Chance Bridge Partners’ antitrust and anti- unfair competition law team has rich experience and deep understanding in the field of dispute resolution, can provide clients with high quality anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition dispute resolution services. 

The legal services we can provide include but are not limited to:
•    Providing consulting and strategic analysis services on anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition civil litigation;
•   Instituting legal proceedings against others' monopolistic or unfair competition violations and assisting in collecting relevant litigation evidence;
•    Making defenses to any civil litigation on the ground of monopolistic or unfair competition practices, etc.;
•    Consulting, litigation and other services in connection with initiation of legal proceedings against administrative decisions relating to anti-trust or anti-unfair competition;
•    Negotiating and signing the reconciliation agreement and mediation agreement on behalf of the client;

4. Anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition and compliance business
If enterprises fail to perform the obligations outlined under the Anti-monopoly Law, the Anti-unfair Competition Law, the E-commerce Law and other related rules, they will be considered as violating laws and be imposed a severe penalty, including being confiscated all illegal incomes and being imposed a fine valuing at 10% of the total sales volume of the enterprises in the previous year. Chance Bridge Partners' team of anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition can reduce the risk of anti-monopoly and competition compliance, and provide the most direct and effective anti-monopoly and competition law solutions for clients. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Formulating compliance plans against monopoly, unfair competition, etc.;
•    Providing guidance and code of conduct in respect of the relevant fields aforesaid;
•    Simulating surprise investigations by the law enforcement agencies in the aforesaid fields;
•   Providing compliance keynote presentations, seminars and in-house training services as described above;
•    Examining and amending commercial contracts and trade agreements to prevent and mitigate risks;
•   Following up the latest development of laws and regulations in the aforesaid fields, and notifying clients of potential risks in a timely manner.
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