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Intellectual property rights are the exclusive rights of intellectual labor achievements created by human beings in social practice. Strengthening intellectual property rights protection is the most important content of improving the property rights protection system, and the greatest incentive to improve the economic competitiveness of enterprises and countries. With the rapid development of science and technology, intellectual property has become increasingly diversified and been the core element for enterprises to establish competitive advantages and obtain high profits.In today's global market, with rapid economic development and unprecedented fierce competition, the value of intellectual property legal services has become increasingly prominent. Intellectual property owners began to actively develop and utilize intellectual property to improve and protect their market competitiveness and interests. Intellectual property has become an indispensable tool in competition.

Our intellectual property team has rich experience and profound professional quality. Many lawyers majored in science or engineering. We are committed to providing clients with efficient, comprehensive, detailed construction of intellectual property rights protection system and related one-stop service. We will help clients achieve maximum their assets and competitive advantage.

Our Service Areas Include:

1. Trademark, Patent Authorization and Vesting
The operation and protection of the Intellectual Property is conditional upon the authorization and vesting of the Intellectual Property. Only through authorization and vesting can the intellectual property rights be absorbed and utilized by the enterprises as intangible assets. Chance Bridge Partners has extensive experience in the process of trademark and patent authorization and vesting. We can assist clients in the layout of trademark and patent authorization and vesting to maintain or reshape the competitive advantage. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Search, query and monitoring of the trademarks and patents;
•    Domestic applications and international applications for trademarks and patents;
•    Applications and defenses for reexamination, opposition, revocation and invalidation of trademarks and patents;
•    Administrative reconsideration of the vesting procedures for trademark and patent authorization;
•    Administrative litigation on trademark, patent authorization and vesting;
•    Other authorization and vesting business. 

2. Maintenance and Dispute Settlement of Trademark, Patent and Copyright
Safeguarding and protecting intellectual property rights is not only the necessary means to maintain exclusive rights and competitive interests, but also the core of intellectual property management and the foundation of intellectual property operation. The protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights, as well as the resolution of disputes are the keys to IPR protection. We can assist clients in fully understanding and analyzing the legal risks and business risks in the process of the protection of trademarks, patents and copyrights, clearly grasp the key points of the protection of intellectual property rights, realize the maximization of competitive interests through the protection of intellectual property rights and business linkage, and ensure the full play and utilization of the exclusive right to use and the right to use intellectual property rights.

Our available legal services include:
•    Litigation for infringement of the exclusive right to use trademark;
•    Administrative complaints and defenses against infringements, and criminal accusations, reports and defenses upon exclusive rights to use trademarks;
•    Action for infringement of the exclusive right to use copyright;
•    Administrative complaints and defenses against infringements, and criminal accusations, reports and defenses upon copyright;
•    Action for infringement of a patent for invention, utility model or industrial design;
•    Administrative complaint and defense against infringement of patent right;
•    Customs protection of intellectual property rights;
•    Intellectual property protection and defense of electronic commerce platform;
•    Affirming the initiation and defense of non-infringement action. 

3. Dispute Resolution of Domain Name
Domain name is the basis for enterprises to use the network platform, but also the malicious unfair competition of the disaster areas. There are significant differences between the adjudicative authority and rules of domain name itself and patents, trademarks and copyrights. We can clearly grasp the similarities and differences of. com,. cn and Chinese domain name dispute resolution mechanisms, use Chinese and English languages to resolve domain name disputes from multiple angles and dimensions, help enterprises to stand the commanding heights of the network platform, and stop and prevent unfair competition by means of domain names. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Domain name registration consulting;
•    Domain name dispute arbitration solution;
•    Domain name dispute resolution. 

4. Settlement of Unfair Competition Disputes
With years of experience and outstanding performance in the litigation field relating to intellectual property rights and unfair competition, Chance Bridge Partners has profoundly understood the judicial trends and judgment rules concerning confusion of business logos, false advertising, business defamation, trade secret protection and other violations of the principles of good faith and fair competition by virtue of plug-ins and technologies in the Internet field, and has experience in litigation, fully helping enterprises protect themselves in an all-round way by using the Anti-unfair Competition Law, so as to help enterprises create a positive and orderly competition environment. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Unfair competition litigation;
•    Administrative complaints and defenses against unfair competition;
•    Civil, administrative and criminal protection of trade secrets. 

5. Intellectual Property Layout, Operation and Management
As Chinese enterprises go global, the trend of foreign enterprises coming in has been strengthened continuously and the layout, operation and management of intellectual property rights both at home and abroad have become necessary links for enterprises to participate in market competition. We can make full use of existing domestic and foreign resources, make use of our advantages in being familiar with domestic and foreign IPR systems, help enterprises to carry out effective IPR layout at home and abroad, promote IPR operations, standardize IPR management, promote the IPR integration and activation of enterprises, and really help enterprises improve their competitiveness and profit margins in the IPR field.

Our available legal services include:
•    Intellectual property strategy advisory service;
•    Domestic and offshore patent pool licensing programs;
•    uation of essential patents;
•    Assisting in establishing the intellectual property management system;
•    Inter-industry trademark or patent depth analysis;
•    Intellectual Property due diligence;
•    Consultation on policies for introduction or export of intellectual property at home and abroad;
•    Intellectual property value added design. 

6. Assignment, License, Pledge and Other Transactions of Intellectual Property 
The development of any enterprise cannot do without financial support, and intellectual property belongs to important intangible assets of the enterprise. Making good use of the attributes of intellectual property assets is conducive to expanding the scale of assets and improving the activity thereof. Chance Bridge Partners can provide all-round support and assistance during the process of intellectual property transactions, provide legal services for transfer, licensing, pledge and other transactions of intellectual property rights, reduce legal risks, and enhance the probability of successful transactions of intellectual property rights. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Contract design for intellectual property transaction;
•    Negotiation plan on IP transactions;
•    Intellectual property transfer application and license filing applications;
•    Intellectual property pledge consulting service;
•    Intellectual property securitization consulting services. 

7. Intellectual Property Compliance Review
Intellectual property right, which is introduced into the aspect of national strategy, is an important intangible asset of enterprises and plays an increasingly important role in their participation in commercial activities and international competition. However, the intangibility and falsification of Intellectual Property results in the independence of the authorization, vesting, maintenance of rights and operating rules from general civil and commercial laws and regulations. Chance Bridge Partners can provide clients with the relevant legal services in respect of compliance of intellectual property rights, help clients provide legal services in respect of the authorization, vesting, protection and operation of intellectual property rights, prevent the operating risks of intellectual property rights, expand the reserve of intellectual property rights, and improve the operating efficiency of intellectual property rights. 

Our available legal services include:
•    The risk assessment of domestic and overseas infringement of intellectual property rights and the provision of legal opinions on compliance;
•    Construction and improvement of systems for the operation and management of intellectual property rights;
•    Establishment of the pool of intellectual property rights and designation of competition strategies for intellectual property rights;
•    Helping clients to establish intellectual property management system;
•    Assisting in applying for intellectual property subsidies and preferential projects such as certification of intellectual property management system of high-tech enterprises and enterprises;
•    Providing IP compliance training to the employee of the clients;
•    Other related intellectual property risk screening and compliance services 
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