Practice areas

Chance Bridge has been providing professional and comprehensive legal services for many real estate enterprises for a long time. Our business covers real estate forms including ordinary commercial housing, affordable housing, commercial real estate, urban complex, urban public rail transit and the property covered thereby. The scope of legal services provided covers the whole process from land first-level development, real estate investment and financing, real estate transactions to property management.

Our Service Areas Include:

1. Expropriation and Grade I Development of Collective Land 
Making preliminary investigations into the expropriation and comprehensively analyzing legal risks; assisting in handling the administrative examination and approval, such as project planning, land use formalities, etc.; assisting in designing the plan for the primary land development; drafting and examining the bidding documents and relevant agreements.

2. Compensation and resettlement for demolition 
Assisting in the formulation and examination of the demolition, compensation and settlement plans, reminding of the legal risks of demolition, handling of emergencies, follow-up demolition and settlement disputes of settlement of demolition. 

3. Real estate investment and financing 
Assisting in the project acquisition, transfer and cooperative development, formulating and examining project financing schemes, assessing the financing risks of projects and due diligence, and drafting and examining financing legal documents.

4. Real estate development
    Assisting in the establishment of project companies; assisting in the administrative examination and approval of project planning, land use acquisition and construction commencement; warning of and avoidance of major risks in the development process such as change in design planning; and settling the relevant disputes.

5. Construction project administration
Examining the qualification and operation qualification of the relevant entities, the formulation and implementation of bidding and tendering schemes, and the examination of construction contracts; establishing a risk assessment system for the fulfillment of contracts; and coordinating the rights and obligations of all parties involved in the project, construction, supervision, and design.

6. Real estate marketing
Examining the legality of sales behaviors; avoiding liability risks of advertisements, publicity materials and so on; drafting and examining and approving sales contracts and relevant legal documents; assisting project delivery and right confirmation; warning of common rights and interests and neighboring relations; coordinating after-sale disputes and dealing with mass incidents.

7. Property Management
    Providing contract draft and review services, assistance in negotiation, examination and verification of qualifications of estate services enterprises, coordination of preliminary relationships, cost control and handling of quality disputes, etc for preliminary and formal estate services involved in real estate and public rail transit.

8. Construction, development and operation management of public rail transit 
Providing full legal services for TOT, BT, BOT, PPP and other trading modes and intelligent management involved in public rail transit, including pre and post-operation planning, risk control, assistance in negotiation, property management and operation of property and real estate involved in public rail transit and other legal services. 

With rich project experience and excellent team members, Chance Bridge Partners is able to provide diversified, professional and operable solutions and suggestions from different perspectives, such as macro and micro, according to clients need.
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