Practice areas

Chance Bridge Partners has a team of professional lawyers and rich practical experience in corporate compliance, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and liquidation, and labor employment in a variety of industries. We are able to effectively prevent and control legal risks that may be faced by clients in daily operation based on the industry background of the clients; provide professional legal services for the companies' mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, disposal of non-performing assets, etc. based on effective market information; help troubled companies to get out of debt crisis through business re-establishment or bankruptcy liquidation according to the reorganization procedures by seeking for strategic investors; and provide all-round legal services for the companies' labor employment risks and labor dispute resolution by professional labor employment lawyers. 

Our services include:

1. Enterprise Establishment, Compliance and Management
As a legal service team with excellent control of enterprise legal risk, Chance Bridge Partners has professional knowledge and rich experience in the perennial legal consulting service field involving the operation and management compliance of enterprises in all industries. Chance Bridge is able to comprehensively and efficiently control the legal risks that clients may face in the daily operation and management process based on the legal and market background of the industry of the clients and in combination with their actual situation. 

Our available legal services include:
•    The establishment of greenfield investment, joint venture, cooperative and partnership enterprises;
•    The legal access analysis of investment in industries subject to special regulation;
•    Setting of the company investment and shareholding structure and control structure;
•   Involvement and carding of the relevant regimes of the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and Senior Management;
•    Design of special shareholding mechanism (e.g. equity classification, voting proxy and person acting in concert);
•    License and permit compliance consulting;
•    Anti-unfair competition risk aversion;
•    The relevant compliance advice on antitrust;
•    Customs-related compliance advice for customs and quality supervision;
•    The relevant compliance advice on work safety and CFDA;
•    The relevant compliance advice on import, export and customs;
•    The relevant compliance advice on anti- commercial bribery;
•    Setting of duties of management departments, and management and risk control;
•    Consultation on the legitimacy, feasibility, risk forecast and countermeasures of important decisions in the operation of the company;
•    Reviewing the legitimacy of commercial activities, participating in commercial negotiations, drawing up business contracts, and controlling contract risks;
•    Response of regulatory institutions to investigation and inspection;
•    Handling and response to administrative penalties and relevant procedures;
•    Giving attorney’s letter or statement in accordance with the delegation by the Company;
•    Providing special legal training based on the needs of the clients
•   Providing daily legal advice on legal issues pertaining to business activities and internal business management.  

2. Merger and reorganization of non-listed companies
Based on effective market information, Chance Bridge can provide professional legal services for M&A and reorganization of the company. Chance Bridge specializes in finding strategic investors to help customers to complete transactions accurately and efficiently according to customers' industrial characteristics, business models and actual needs. Chance Bridge may also help troubled companies to get out of debt crisis through business re-establishment, or through bankruptcy liquidation according to the reorganization procedures. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Designing industry mergers and acquisitions, financial investments (including VC and PE investments), asset mergers and acquisitions, enterprise merger and division, acquisition by managers, equity and asset restructuring, debt restructuring transaction structure and plans;
• Preparing preliminary transaction documents, including confidentiality agreement, framework agreement or list of key terms of investment agreement, etc.;
•   Conducting legal due diligence and issue report;
• Participating in the negotiations and drafting legal documents for merger, acquisition and reorganization;
• Providing legal solutions and demonstrations to the legal problems found in due diligence and transaction, and proposing solutions;
•  Advising on the integration before, during and after closing of the Transaction.  

3. Labor and Personnel of the Company
The professional labor and employment lawyers of Chance Bridge Partners can provide comprehensive legal services to the company in respect of labor and employment risks as well as labor dispute resolution. 

Our available legal services include:
•    The daily human resources and human resources management practice of the company;
•    The formulation, implementation and improvement of various rules and regulations on labor and personnel;
•    Drafting and reviewing labor contracts and confidentiality, non-competition, labor dispatch and training agreements, etc.;
•    Labor law consulting service and program formulation in the process of merger, reorganization and liquidation;
•    Agency of labor and personnel dispute cases;
•    Consulting on daily labor and personnel matters of the Company;
•    Training on special and hot issues relating to labour and personnel. 

4. Equity Incentive
Our available legal services include:
•    Designing and construction of the optimal pattern architecture;
•    Drafting the incentive plan and related agreements and supporting rules;
•    Implementing the process planning;
•    Supporting training, explaining the plan;
•    Implement guidance throughout the process.  

5. Field of Features
(1) TMT 
•   Consulting on the compliance of laws in the field of science and technology and telecommunications, including ICP, cloud computing, data and privacy compliance, crawler technology, VOIP, VPN, online shopping mall, cross-border Internet services, AI and call center;
•   Consulting on the entertainment legal compliance: including the game console, network games, hand games, video and music services, live. 

(2) Fin-tech 
•    Consulting on the payment license related legal compliance: including online payment, E-wallet, Prepaid Card;
•    Internet finance, Internet banking, Internet insurance (including Internet insurance brokerage and Internet insurance agency). 

(3) Life Science
•    License and compliance consulting on pharmaceutical and medical enterprises;
•    Certificate and compliance consulting on Network diagnosis and treatment, remote diagnosis and treatment;
•    Medical and health data collection and management, portable device health data collection and management, chronic disease data collection and management;
•    Compliance consulting on the health care products and medical equipment.
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