Practice areas

"Compliance business" is one of the featured businesses of Chance Bridge. With a wealth of legal knowledge, excellent foreign language skills, professional skills and a global network of cooperation, we can provide clients in multiple industries with due diligence, risk assessment, compliance system construction, regulatory investigations and other diverse legal services.

We can provide our clients with compliance services involving major economies such as the United States and the European Union, as well as major financial institutions such as the world bank and the Asian infrastructure investment bank. The compliance areas include us export control, us sanctions compliance, anti-corruption and anti-bribery, multilateral development bank sanctions, cyber security and data protection, criminal law, cross-border management of enterprises, corporate operations, corporate intellectual property and taxation.

The compliance related legal services we provide to our clients include:

1. U.S. Export Control Compliance
U.S. export controls are wide-ranging and tightly regulated, and any company that trades with the United States must abide by them, or face hefty fines and even criminal liability. Many Chinese companies have already received such penalties. Chance Bridge can provide clients export control compliance services, including pre-compliance prevention services and compliance relief services.

Chance Bridge Partners can assist clients in risk assessment, provide compliance advice, establish a compliance system and provide pre-compliance prevention services such as compliance training when clients are not punished by U.S. regulators.
When the client is facing or has been punished by the U.S. regulatory authority, we can work with senior legal experts/lawyers who are experienced in this field in the U.S. to provide relief services for the client, assist the client to deal with the investigation of the U.S. regulatory authority, and assist the client to remove the client from the U.S. regulatory authority blacklist.

Our legal services include:
•    Forming a joint legal team with senior us experts and lawyers to provide clients with legal services in response to investigations by us regulators;
•    Forming a joint legal team with senior us experts and lawyers to assist clients to remove from the us regulatory blacklist;
•    Conducting compliance risk assessment based on the client's industry and business situation, and providing compliance Suggestions;
•    Establishing internal compliance system for clients based on risk assessment;
•    Developing compliance manuals to assist clients in autonomous compliance of daily transactions;
•    Providing compliance training for client employees;
•    Assisting clients in communicating with and responding to us regulatory authorities;
•    Other relevant export control compliance services.

2. US Sanctions Compliance
The United States has imposed sanctions on a number of countries, including Iran and north Korea, as well as drug trafficking and terrorist organizations. Companies and entities that engage in illicit transactions with the sanctioned countries, organizations and individuals will face U.S. sanctions ranging from large fines to jail terms for those responsible. Chance Bridge can provide clients with legal services related to U.S. sanctions compliance, help clients meet U.S. sanctions compliance requirements when developing business in high-risk areas, and prevent the risk of being punished by the U.S. government. In the event that the clients are facing or has been punished by U.S. regulators, we will work with experienced U.S. legal experts and lawyers in this area to assist clients in responding to U.S. regulators' investigations and removing clients from U.S. regulators' sanctions lists.

Our legal services include:
•    uating clients' transaction risks and providing legal opinions on compliance;
•    Establishing the internal special compliance system for clients based on risk assessment results; 
•    Formulating compliance manual and assisting clients in self-compliance in daily trading;
•    Providing compliance training for the staff of their clients;
•    Assisting clients in communicating and responding with U.S. regulators; 
•    Other relevant US sanctions compliance services;

3. Anti-corruption and Anti-commercial Bribery Compliance
Major developed countries and economies, such as the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom, have established anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery compliance requirements, such as the FCPA of the United States, and major international financial institutions, such as the World Bank and the Asian Investment Bank, have also established their own anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery requirements. Those who violate these requirements may face huge fines, deprivation of trading opportunities, and cancellation of loans. Chance Bridge Partners can provide clients with multi-jurisdiction, major financial institutions anti-corruption anti-commercial bribery compliance services, to help clients prevent the risk of violations.

Our legal services include:
•   Providing risk assessment and compliance advice based on the company's business and management; 
•    Assisting clients in conducting internal investigation and preventing risks; 
•   Establishing an anti-corruption and anti-commercial bribery compliance system for the clients in accordance with the laws of the countries where they are located or the regulations of the relevant international financial institutions; 
•    Providing compliance training for the staff of their clients; 
•  Representing clients in communicating with and responding to foreign regulatory authorities or regulators of international financial institutions; 
•   Other relevant compliance services of anti-corruption and anti- commercial bribery. 

4. Multilateral development bank sanctions compliance
The World Bank, the African Development Bank, the Asian Investment Bank and other multilateral development banks have all formulated their respective integrity and compliance manuals, setting out requirements for the integrity of project participants. Violations of the rules may result in big fines, sanctions, being deprived of trading opportunities and cancellation of loans, etc. We can assist clients in conducting compliance investigations for multilateral development banks, reaching reconciliation agreements with multilateral development banks, assisting clients in establishing a compliance system that meets international requirements and ultimately achieving the removal of sanctions.

Our legal services include:
•    Providing relevant risk assessment and compliance advice based on the company's business and management conditions;
•    Negotiating and concluding a settlement agreement with the Multilateral Development Bank on behalf of the company under investigation or being sanctioned;
•    Assisting the company in sorting out the business, and establishing a clean and honest compliance system that conforms to international standards and the requirements of multilateral development banks;
•    Assisting the company in conducting compliance investigations for multilateral development banks;
•    Assisting the company in implementing the integrity and compliance system, and strive for the early removal of sanctions on behalf of the companies under investigation or under sanctions from multilateral development banks;
•    Providing compliance training to the company's staff;
•    Other services related to multilateral development bank sanctions.

5. Network Security and Data Protection Compliance
With the high development of the Internet, network security and personal data protection have become the key areas of concern for many countries. Relevant countries have successively adopted laws and regulations on the protection of cyber security and personal data to impose severe punishment on offenders, such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulations and China's Cyber Security Law. Chance Bridge Partners can provide the clients with network security and data protection compliance services in multi-jurisdiction areas.

Our legal services include:
•    uating the risks according to the client's business conditions and management and putting forward compliance suggestions; 
•    Providing legal advice on specific compliance requirements for cyber security and data protection;
•    Establishing an internal compliance system for network security and data protection for clients in accordance with local laws;
•    Providing compliance training for the staff of the clients;
•     Assisting clients in communicating with regulatory departments, and examining the compliance of cyber security and data protection;
•    Other businesses related to the compliance of cyber security and data protection.

6. Criminal Compliance
The lawyers in Chance Bridge's team of anti-corruption investigation legal services have extensive experience in this field. Once provided criminal defense and criminal legal consultation for the senior managers of large companies, and also provided legal services such as criminal compliance and anti-corruption investigation for many enterprises, public institutions and financial institutions. Some lawyers of our team have many years of work experience in procuratorial organs and can communicate with domestic public security organs, procuratorates and law departments in a fluent manner. Our team have the ability to work in multiple languages including English, and be able to provide comprehensive legal services, including criminal services, for overseas subjects to commit crimes against domestic companies.

Our legal services include:
•    Construction of criminal risk prevention and control/compliance/anti-corruption system and daily legal consulting;
•    Carrying out compliance investigation, conducting comprehensive investigation into whether the relevant activities of entities or natural persons involve criminal legal risks, understanding and analyzing the details of these transactions and business activities; diagnosing criminal legal risks, and clearly pointing out whether various transactions and business activities violate the criminal law; putting forward suggestions for prevention of criminal legal risks;
•    Responding to criminal investigation/criminal defense/cross-agency business between criminal and civil;
•  Assisting clients in responding to criminal and anti-corruption investigations and providing contingency plans; 
•    Providing criminal defense for clients, applying for bail pending trial, non-prosecution or judgment of innocence; 
•    Acting as an agent to bring criminal charges and public security cases, and safeguarding the interests of clients;
•    Representing clients in handling cases in which criminal and civil relations exist in an overlapping way, assisting in starting the filing and investigation of criminal cases based on the criminal clues in the cases, and promoting the favorable progress of civil cases based on the evidence for criminal cases or the results of investigations or rulings. 

7. Cross-border Compliance Management of Enterprises
Chance Bridge can provide multi-lingual foreign legal services of more than 75% of the professionals, and has established a global network of international cooperation. We have more than 30 cooperative institutions such as law firms and accounting firms that have established strategic partnership in countries and regions of the world. With abundant legal knowledge, outstanding foreign language ability, professional skills and the cooperation network all over the world, We can provide the clients with diversified legal services in the whole process including due diligence, risk assessment, compliance system development and investigations by the regulatory authorities.

Our legal services include:
•    Providing risk assessment and compliance advice based on business conditions and management; 
•    Assisting in the internal investigation and preventing risks;
•    Assisting in establishing and improving the corporate compliance system in accordance with the laws of the country where it is located or the rules of the relevant international financial institutions;
•    Providing compliance training to staff of the clients;
•   Communicating with and responding to foreign regulatory authorities or regulators of relevant international institutions; 
•    Other relevant compliance services. 

8. Company Operation Compliance
Chance Bridge Partners has a professional team of lawyers and rich practical experience in the field of corporate compliance involving many industries. Based on the industry background, we can effectively prevent and control the legal risks that our clients may face in their daily operation, and provide a full range of legal services.

Our legal services include:
•    Drafting of incorporation documents and consultation on issues relating to incorporation;
•  Shareholding structure and control right settings, rules of procedure for general meeting of stockholders, board of directors and board of supervisors and their duties and powers;
•    Construction of the company's compliance management system, setting of duties of management departments, and management and risk control; 
•    Consultation on the legitimacy, feasibility, risk forecast and countermeasures of material decisions made in the operation of the company;
•    Reviewing the legitimacy of business activities, commercial negotiations, drafting of commercial contracts and contract risk control;
•    Sorting out the labor management process, formulating various rules and regulations, designing and optimizing the salary structure, reviewing the compliance of various agreements and documents relating to human resources management, and exercising administration of special groups such as those on compensations for dismissal, compensations for work-related injuries, and senior executives and employees suffering work-related injuries; designing the personnel placement plan involved in the merger, reorganization or liquidation of the enterprise, drafting or reviewing relevant project documents; 
•    Carrying out compliance training and investigation, discovering legal loopholes in terms of norms of the articles of association and legal risks in the operation or trading activities of the enterprise, putting forward suggestions on avoidance of legal risks in terms of the establishment, investment, operation, trading and other aspects of the enterprise, helping the enterprise to re-establish the regulations and systems, and helping the enterprise to establish the compliance department and establish compliance awareness and cultivate compliance culture;
•    Equity incentive due diligence investigation, plan design of optimal mode, implementation process planning, drafting of incentive plan, drafting of relevant agreements and supporting systems, and guidance on the whole implementation process. 

9. Compliance with the Company's Intellectual Property rights
Intellectual property right, which is introduced into the aspect of national strategy, is an important intangible asset of enterprises and plays an increasingly important role in their participation in commercial activities and international competition. However, the intangibility and fiction of intellectual property rights often lead to the independence of the authorization, confirmation, right protection and operating rules of intellectual property rights from general civil and commercial laws and regulations. Chance Bridge Partners can provide clients with the relevant legal services in respect of compliance of intellectual property rights, help clients provide legal services in respect of the authorization, confirmation, protection and operation of intellectual property rights, prevent the operating risks of intellectual property rights, expand the reserve of intellectual property rights, and improve the operating efficiency of intellectual property rights.

Our legal services include:
•    Risk assessment of domestic and overseas infringement of intellectual property rights and provision of legal opinions on compliance;
•    Construction and improvement of systems for operation and management of intellectual property rights;
•    Establishment of an intellectual property pool and designation of intellectual property competition strategies;
•    Helping clients establish an intellectual property management system;
•   Assisting in applying for intellectual property subsidies and preferential projects such as certification of intellectual property management system of high-tech enterprises and enterprises;
•    Providing intellectual property compliance training for the staff of the client;
•    Other relevant intellectual property risk screening and compliance services.

10. Tax compliance
JFU Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd is a well-known tax consulting company with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Chance Bridge Partners has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with JFU Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Our tax advisors are dedicated to reviewing and understanding the business operations and industries of our clients to provide in-depth and accurate tax advice to meet their unique business needs. Our tax advisors have always been the industry leaders in helping clients quickly respond to legislative changes in different industries and to emerging trends in tax planning. Our tax advisors can help clients file their tax returns in a systematic manner and guide clients to turn their business opportunities into the most tax efficient business actions.

The main tax services we can provide include:
•    Tax planning;
•    Design of the transaction framework; 
•    Consultation of tax policies and submission of drafts;
•    Transfer pricing consultancy and negotiation of advance pricing;
•    Tax communication and negotiation services; 
•    Tax accounting and declaration.
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