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Since establishment, Chance Bridge has taken cross-border investment and financing business as one of our areas of expertise. Chance Bridge has a widespread client base covering Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa.

More than 75% of our lawyers can provide multilingual international legal services. Chance Bridge has established a global network and strategic partnership with more than 30 law firms, accounting firms and other cooperative institutions in various regions and countries. 

With exquisite expertise, excellent foreign language skills, professional legal service and global cooperative network, Chance Bridge cross-border investment and financing team provides services including foreign direct investment (FDI ), foreign M&As in China, Chinese enterprises overseas investment, Chinese enterprises M&As, cross-border capital market and corporate financing, cross-border compliance, etc. We provide clients with diversified legal services covering the entire process of cross-border investment and financing, including investment, financing plan, structure design, legal due diligence, legal risk assessment, document drafting, negotiation assistance, daily legal affairs consultation and foreign-related dispute resolution, etc.

Our Service Include:

1. Chinese enterprises' overseas direct investment: 
With the increase in China's reform and opening up, the process of integration of China's economy and the world economy has accelerated, and the "the Belt and Road Initiative" has been gradually promoted. More and more Chinese companies have gone abroad to invest overseas, but information asymmetry brings great uncertainty to them. Professional legal services have been an indispensable part of the company's overseas investment. Chance Bridge has equipped itself with a wide range of international resources to assist clients in overseas investment by selecting suitable foreign institutions for cooperation. We fully understand the relevant legal rules in the target company's country, and provide various risk prevention and control in accordance with the purpose of the investment. We will do our best to assist clients to realize their goal to participate in the global market through overseas investment.

The legal services we provide include:
•    Analysis of host country regulatory environment and investment risks;
•    Assisting Chinese enterprises in selecting foreign law firms and other service providers; 
•    Supervising and guiding the work of local service institutions;
•    Assisting in setting up investment structures and establishing overseas investment subjects;
•    Drafting, reviewing and translating relevant legal documents;
•    Assisting the completion of examination, approval, filing and registration procedures in China;
•   Providing legal services for the continuous and compliant operation of outbound investment entities.

2. Overseas acquisition of equities or assets by Chinese enterprises
Overseas M&A is a long-lasting battle of many kinds. The risk exists in the government approval, target company management, transaction agreement drafting and signing, post-acquisition integration and so on. Chance Bridge Partners can assist clients in fully understanding and analyzing the legal risks of overseas mergers and acquisitions, completing the examination and approval with relevant domestic departments as scheduled, formulating and complying with reasonable transaction schedules, completing the fluent transition of management upon delivery, etc., so as to ensure the successful completion of the whole transaction as scheduled, and realize their desire to participate in the global market through overseas investment. 

The legal services we provide include:
•    Analyzing the regulatory environment and investment risks of the host country according to the transaction purposes;
•    Assisting Chinese enterprises in selecting foreign law firms and other service providers; 
•   Supervising and guiding the work of local lawyers to realize the business demands of Chinese enterprises;
•    Cooperating with local lawyers in the legal due diligence of the target company or the target assets;
•    Assisting in drafting, revising, negotiating and translating investment transaction documents;
•   Cooperating with local lawyers to complete domestic and overseas delivery procedures of investment projects;
•    Assisting to complete the approval, filing and registration procedures in China. 

3. Establishment of Foreign-invested Institutions in China by Foreign Investors
The establishment of investment institution in China by foreign investors is one of the earliest business areas in which Chance Bridge Partners was engaged and has been highly effective. Chance Bridge Partners assists numerous foreign investors (including but not limited to investors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in establishing solely-funded enterprises or joint ventures in China. The industrial areas include infrastructure construction, high-tech technology, agricultural projects, trade, etc. Professional legal advice are available on such strategic issues as investment access policies, investment business model, investment structure, investment site selection and exit channels. 

The legal services we provide include:
•    Consultation services on foreign investment industrial access and foreign exchange policies;
•    Assisting foreign investors in establishing wholly-owned subsidiaries in China;
•    Assisting foreign investors in establishing representative offices and regional headquarters in China; 
•  Assisting foreign investors and Chinese investors in establishing joint ventures with foreign investment;
•    Assisting foreign investors to establish a sound corporate governance structure. 

4. Merger and acquisition of domestically listed or non-listed companies by foreign investors
With our years of experience in providing cross-border legal services, especially in the capital markets and the banking and financial sectors, we have gained a profound understanding of the demands of foreign and Chinese enterprises as well as their work habits. We can remind foreign investors of possible legal risks in M&A transactions and take corresponding measures for prevention. Meanwhile, we can assist clients in effective communication with counter-parties and organic cooperation with other service agencies to promote successful transactions. 

The legal services we provide include:
•    Assisting in setting up investment structures and establishing overseas investment subjects;
•    Assisting in completing the examination and approval procedures for foreign investment;
•    Completing the legal due diligence of the investors on the target subject;
•    Participating in the negotiation, drafting and reviewing of relevant transaction documents;
•    Providing legal services for the integration of the domestic and foreign investment after the closing with the original business. 

5. Perennial legal services for foreign-invested enterprises
After foreign investors set up investors or acquire Chinese enterprises in China, they will face the problem of operation under unfamiliar language and culture background, legal and policy environment long time. By virtue of the deep understanding of foreign culture and enterprises and the integrated and unified resources of all business modules of the whole firm, Chance Bridge Partners can provide all-round legal services including reinvestment, daily operation, corporate governance, labor employment, taxation, litigation and arbitration, etc., for foreign-funded enterprises. 

Our available legal services include:
•    Providing legal advice on the foreign-invested enterprise's local compliance operation and the relevant industrial policies in China;
•    Providing legal services in connection with the reinvestment and financing of foreign-invested enterprises;
•    Assisting the foreign investment enterprises to complete the procedures for change of registration such as change of registered capital, amendment of articles of association and change of senior management;
•    Answering various legal questions on human resources, labor, finance and taxation encountered in the daily operation of foreign-funded enterprises;
•    Acting as agent for foreign-invested enterprises in arbitration and litigation to resolve legal disputes;
•   Providing legal services for the dissolution and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises, including appointing lawyers to participate in the work of the liquidation group, conducting due diligence on the assets to be liquidated, assisting in the completion of the declaration of creditor's rights and the disposal of assets, assisting in the deregistration of companies, etc. 

6. Cross-border M&A financing and overseas securities issuance
The development of any enterprise is inseparable from financial support. With the rapid development of the financial market, there are more and more financing methods that can be chosen by enterprises. Especially for enterprises that have the demand for foreign exchange funds or huge demand for financing, raising funds from overseas capital markets or applying for loans from external institutions such as banks to meet the huge amount of funds needed for cross-border mergers and acquisitions has become an important measure for enterprises to develop or promote cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Chance Bridge has extensive experience in the cross-border capital market and in banking finance, and can organically combine clients' financing needs with follow-up transaction arrangements to provide clients with a variety of legal services such as cross-border financing structure design and overseas securities issuance. 

Our available legal services include:
•   Designing the financing structure of the leveraged acquisition, drafting the formal financing documents for the leveraged acquisition, participating in the negotiations of the parties to the transaction, achieving the connection between the transaction side and the financing side, conducting due diligence on the guaranteed assets provided by the acquirer, and assisting in completing the delivery of the merger and acquisition project;
•    Providing legal services in connection with cross-border financing of the private fund for leveraged acquisitions;
•    According to the bank's function and division of labor in the syndicated loan, providing targeted legal services covering the primary and secondary markets of syndicated loans;
•    The initial public offering (IPO) of a Chinese company by means of overseas red chip or H shares, etc.;
•    Cross-border issuance of bonds, depository receipts and other financing instruments. 
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